( new ideas )

    • ( new ideas )

      before i talk about new stuff, just wanna say one thing, don't remove more maps and units, please.

      ok, so, new ideas.

      first things first, add encirclement. for when units are surrounded, they really slowly die (1-3% a day)

      secondly, add retreat, but at a penalty (10-20% lost ) when retreating

      third, add supply units, but only small buffs are given, as supposed to other ideas giving a 35% buff, this one only gives a 10% buff, and there's a cap on how many supply units to buffs there are, and make them move slow, just as slow as a heavy tank.

      fourth, add back the old maps that got removed.

      fifth, make new resources, planes, tanks, guns, munitions, and you need factories to build them, lets just say a light tank cost 5 tanks, and medium cost 10, so on, and you need to switch production on factories for building, or for upgraded resources.

      sixth and final, builder units that make all buildings in the province being built go 10% faster building.

      worthy mentions: reduce gold that you get from buying by 5% to 10%, make a test server with unlimited resources and no build times (open to everyone), and make a horse unit that speeds up units by 3-5%, but has a max.