Game is no longer loading

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  • Game is no longer loading

    I started a new game 4 days ago, everything went allright until I got a message saying there was an update and needed to reload the screen.
    Ever since this update I can no longer open my game. I remains stuck at the intro screen, the red bar keeps going back and forth but nothing happens.

    I already logged out and in again several times. Most of the time it doesn't even find my game at first, but after waiting a minute it pops up again. Press 'play', get the loading screen, does nothing....

    I already restarted my computer, everything else works just fine.

    Great update.
  • This is a problem for everyone. Apparently the update tried to fix it, but it did not work. They said it should be fixed soon.

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  • Zarathustra wrote:

    Hi all,

    First of all thank you for your patience. We are experiencing very slow server responses in all our games after a hotfix release at 8pm CET (3 hours ago).
    We are still investigating the issue. It could be back up any minute, but nothing I can say for certain. A team of developers is working on the problem.

    Games continue to run even if they appear slow and are hard to reach.
    After we know how long the problems persist we will see if we compensate any premium spending in the last hours.

    Sorry for this, we are doing our best to be up and running soon.
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