Why is there a delay when paratroopers land

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    • paratroopers also get separated and need time to regroup once landing. The time they take after landing Is supposed to simulate the time it took for the several groups of different platoons to gather and form a half decent fighting squad. They also had to get any extra supplies they would have dropped as well, like Anti-vehicle weapons.

      Another point is historically during this time period paratroopers we're never really used to assault and take large amounts of land. Most time they were used to take key bridges or key locations ahead of the bulk of the army to allow the main army to get passed faster and will less loses.
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    • Sakha Republic wrote:

      When a paratrooper land in enemey land and captures the province they have cool down time,but why is that??

      paratraoopers are supposed to be QUICK.
      1.they land
      2 they assault
      3.they capture other provinces as fast as possible
      4.win the war.

      freezy wrote:

      [..] with paratroopers in the game you could wake up with all your core territory being conquered over night by your enemies, as they are able to avoid your defending army stacks on the border.

      They could conquer a province, build an airport and continue their flight or even recruit more troops from there (keep in mind that our game supports speeding up production with gold, and no, we won't limit that), which makes taking provinces even faster than with an armored car running through your country.

      The mere possibility of this would probably shift the meta strategy to all players needing to leave defending troops in their provinces, creating a much greater resource drain.

      To make this unit balanced and not break the current gameplay there [..] severe restrictions in it's implementation [..].

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