Paratroopers? Have you used them extensively?

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    • Paratroopers? Have you used them extensively?

      Hi, Forum Gang. I'm back. :)

      I'm also playing a new COW game for the first time in 18 months. Once upon a time, I used to be a pretty good COW player, but now I'm mostly playing catch-up, reading how-to forum threads and trying to understand the various changes that have been made during my absence.

      One change that I noticed was that the game developers finally created a new paratrooper unit last year. During my prior participation in forum discussions, I was a vociferous advocate for the addition of a well-designed paratrooper regiment to the game, so I am more than a little curious to hear how the new unit has been received and what its impact on the game has been, for better or for worse -- in your opinion.

      I would also like to have an on-going detailed discussion with one or more knowledgeable forum participants who have used the new unit extensively, and have gained some real experience and expertise in using it. Perhaps that discussion could move to a private conversation at some point.

      Anyone? Opinions? I know you have them . . . . Anecdotes from actual use? Hopefully, someone has them and is willing to share . . . .

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    • Hello @MontanaBB,

      Unfortunately, I was not here when you were active but anyways welcome back. I believe that the forum gang is not active anymore. :( Or are you generally calling us all? Because I do remember there was a forum gang here. :P

      I do not really use paratroopers they are really hard to produce as I mean by too many building requirements and they take a long time to mobilize but someone will talk to you about it soon.

      One thing that you are completely missing here is the Call of War 1.5. COW 1.5 will most likely happen somewhere within the next few weeks where there will be the 3rd update. There are many major changes including commando as a stealth unit, specializing buildings for each unit type, manually updating each unit level and not needing to go from level 1 you can go straight to level 4.

      Just to make sure I don't clog up the forum here. I have a summary of what happened in March feel free to read it.

      I hope it helps you kind of catch up and hope to see you in the battlefield!


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    • MontanaBB wrote:

      playing catch-up, reading how-to forum threads and trying to understand the various changes that have been made during my absence.

      Teburu wrote:

      I'd suggest using the search option? There are a few troops about paratroopers iirc
      Yes but Montana wants a bit more information there. Someone to talk to Montana via conversation
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    • Teburu wrote:

      I'd suggest using the search option? There are a few troops about paratroopers iirc
      Yeah, Teberu, I wrote a lot of those threads when we were arguing for the creation of the new unit, and proposing various characteristics, strengths, weaknesses and limitations in order to make a well-balanced unit that made historical sense and fit into the existing game without destroying it with para-spam.

      What I'm really looking for here is detailed feedback from some players who have actually used the new unit and have some real expertise.
    • I have built and used them on quite often. I usually play 100p maps nowadays, which means there is enough time and space to develop them; wouldn't know about smaller maps. You probably remember that I was against the introduction in province-capturing form, but now they are here, hey lets use them.

      Actually the depiction of them isn't very bad, especially the long cooldown after landing. By the scale of the 100p map, it is very rare that you are close to REAL economy centers (core, most likely) of a serious opponent that you couldn't get to without just driving there. Serious wars on these maps are fought on broad and deep fronts (I' m not talking about walking across the noobs here; you don' t need para's for that), and they do have some uses there.

      Main uses are the manoever of OTHER troops. When you land para's alongside an amphibious operation, the unload of the seaborne troops goes down by 1.5 hours, which is a LOT; and similarly, when you are moving through big or mountainous provinces, you can negate the "enemy territory" penalty for half a province which can sometimes be really useful. This swings two ways btw, cause the ENEMY is now paying that penalty when moving through the prov for counterattack purposes. It is also nice that you can immediatly start building a frontline airfield for the SECOND part of your advance, which will be be finished so many hours earlier than having to wait for the ground troops to take provs. That's for really deep operations obviously; but in one game, I used that twice (drop para on L2 airbase so it remains operational-fly next para there-drop even deeper-start air base THERE). That gave me the win on that war probably.

      As for taking out an enemy airfield, there are other units better suited for that. I actually use strat bombers these days for that, alongside the usual rockets and air harassment.

      As for blocking enemy reinforcements, that needs some proper planning. They are extremely vulnerable to air attack, so you either have to give them fighter cover or make sure the enemy has no air force around. Otherwise they are so expensive that you will only want to use them solo, and a stack of a few tanks wipes them quickly as well. So as a blocker, you need to reinforce it with other troops or it is rather useless. But the double-enemy-penalty thing mentioned above DOES make that viable sometimes; I just wonder if you should call them a "blocker" or just an " advance-speeder" then.

      Then there's the morale thing... most people consider them "too expensive" which means they are automatically a surprise when they are dropped on an enemy. When you use a few at once and conquering a whole strip of provinces in a matter of minutes, the effect on player's morale can be devastating. As much as you may dislike it, the most economically effective war is the one where your enemy goes inactive as soon as possible; and para's SURE can contribute to that.

      After landing and cooling down, they usually have some trouble keeping up with the rest of the army which zwooshed by them; but when they do, they're a REALLY good infantry unit.

      So yeah, I ask myself the "shall I go commando or para this game?" early these days; and it can be a pretty tough choice. When I see more sea (NOT oceans!) than mountains in my long-term expansion plans, I tend to pick para's, though that doesn't mean they will be the only units I build in my capital, like I do when I pick commando's.

      I'd say their full potential isn't really realized by he player base yet. In fact, I have never had them used AGAINST me except once by a noob I cleaned in less than a day; while my own opeartions with them are usually pretty succesful. Sure they're expensive, but they're worth it, especially now that they come as a surprise exactly BECAUSE they are impopular.
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    • They’re good against human players who you know don’t have much anti air. Anti air will easily shoot them down. It is not worth it to use it to attack an AI. Most players who pile all their troops at the front lines can be destroyed by a single paratrooper. Just land it behind the front lines (it is better in large groups) and race torward the capital or other key cities/resource provinces.
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    • Thanks, Roko. That was exactly the sort of experienced viewpoint I was looking for. Hopefully, a few others will follow yours in this thread. I will have questions about the mechanics and the minutiae tactics that naturally evolve from the mechanics once I've had the opportunity to play with them. I just started my first COW game in 18 months, and I'm adjusting my thinking about research, given the new compressed research timeline. I'm playing on a 22-player map right now, and I don't see how you can reasonably work them in early and maintain them without sacrificing some equally or more important units. Hopefully, the game will go longer than 20+ days, and I will get a chance to play with them later on.

      Do we still have the option of doing private, non-points games? If so, that may be a good venue to play with them . . . .
    • MontanaBB wrote:

      NoobNoobTrain wrote:

      Is there such a thing as random damage upon landing?
      Interesting. Roko, have you seen random damage upon landing, in the absence of enemy AA or aircraft?
      Also a mechanics question: can you drop the paratroopers anywhere on a movement path or do they have to be dropped on a province center?
      No, never had any landing damage. Though it was shot down by enemy air defense once, don't remember if it was AA or fighters.

      You can only drop them on province centers.
      When the enemy is driven back, we have failed. When he is cut off, encircled and dispersed, we have succeeded. - Aleksandr Suvorov.
    • So, next mechanical questions about the paratroopers unit ----

      Once produced, how do these guys get around? Can they move around on the ground like regular infantry until used for their one airdrop? Or can they fly between air bases until their airdrop? Or both? Can they be used as regular infantry prior to their airdrop?
    • NoobNoobTrain wrote:

      They can fly until you make their first drop. If you give them non-airfield move orders prior to drop, they will load on trucks.
      Okay, so looking at the unit spec sheets, on the ground they move at aircraft truck speed of 20 km per hour. After their airdrop, they move at regular infantry speed of 25 km/h.

      And they have no real fighting value (0.1 HP on both offense and defense), prior to their airdrop, right?