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    • Greetings fellow World Leaders,
      I am writing today to see about joining an alliance.
      Like a lot of people I jumped into Call of war due to the Virus. I was hooked immediately. My stats speak for themselves. Feel free to look them up.

      My justice is swift like the sword in my hand. My sword strikes fear in the eyes of my enemies. My enemies are those who dare challenge my allies. My allies are those who shall request my hand. Those who request my hand will find their justice served by my sword.

      President Zorro
    • Hey President @Zorro!

      Training Alliance would love to accept you!!! We have 3 alliances, one main and 2 subsidiary. You can join TA 2 at @chrisc9378 or TA 3 with @nodaz99. The requirements are to have DISCORD, be active and level 25+ on all 3 alliances!!! Please let me know if you are interested.

      Thanks! Ryan
      FORUM GANG General
      Highest ranking (Acting)

      EN/ES/FR Forum Member
      Call of War Technician Fourth Grade
      Forum General
      Training Alliance Leader