CoW vs. Supremacy 1914?

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    • CoW vs. Supremacy 1914?

      Hello everyone. I've been playing Call of War now for a few months. I'd like to know something about Supremacy 1914 before jumping into it.

      I'm hoping that those who have the experience of playing Supremacy 1914 will summarize the game, and also to compare and contrast it with Call of War. Please list and describe it's pluses and minuses, etcetera.

      More/less emphasis on economics?

      More/less emphasis on research?

      More/less emphasis on tactics and maneuver (rather than brute-force frontal attacks)?

      More/less emphasis on diplomacy?

      I'm really hoping you'll tell me about the 'feel' of the game, specifically when compared to Call of War.

      Thanks everyone, I appreciate your comments.
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    • I lost the only game of S1914 that I played, so I am not much help.

      sbde isn’t a thing there, stacks of 500 infantry are common.

      More just brute force smash your way through from what I saw.

      Economy is important too, but don’t be too slow on expansion because you are trying to build economy.

      Captured provinces produce resources equal with core provinces, there is no non-core penalty.
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    • I played SP1914 for like one day and then I quit... it feels like a precursor to CoW (which it is) so there's a lot of things that isn't as fleshed out as well. And yes, every province produces something, not just money and manpower.
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    • Have not played S1914 in years, ever since they dis-banded the Players Alliance Liga.
      Did try the more recent version, Supremacy One.
      Not much there, only 2 maps, the morale penalties are so severe, only GM
      can keep a country going.
      There are too many absurd features to mention here, but I show this
      clever detail:
      Battleships are weak when attacking or defending against other naval units.