Eager New Player Looking For A Great Alliance To Join

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    • Eager New Player Looking For A Great Alliance To Join

      Hi all,

      My name is Cameron and I'm a new player looking for an alliance to join, or one that will accept new players into their ranks.

      • I may be new but I'm no stranger to RTS games
      • I'm focused on being the best team player possible - I do not strive to be a lone wolf and ruin everyone's experience. It does no one any favours and ruins the experience of the game.
      • Very eager to learn from more experienced players of the game. I'm very open minded and love to form tactical plans and set ups
      • I've already formed basic war pacts, coalitions, ceasefires, peace agreements, etc in the games that I have currently played (I'm currently overseeing and leading a Communist Coalition as Greater Romania, and I'm having so much fun)
      • I am aiming to get more involved with the roleplaying aspect of the game.
      I may be level seven but I'm aiming to climb higher and higher. For a time I've been looking for the right RTS game to play on both my PC and mobile and I Intend to be here with COW for the long haul.

      I highly value team work and coordination. They are two successful traits that win any conflict. And I'm really looking to get out there and interact with active members of the community, who aim to have fun and enjoy what the game has to offer.

      Thank you all for taking the time to read this.

      I look forward to hearing from any interested parties.


    • Hello Cameron, I am not sure that you have entered Doctors' alliance. Hence I will ask you to join REBELS Hitman. They recruit all levels below 30 so you can join them. Just need a discord and you are good to go
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