How to Get Started as Nationalist China!

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    • How to Get Started as Nationalist China!

      This is a bit of a breakaway from my traditional guide formula, for two reasons: firstly, Nat. China is HUGE. They are easily the largest country I've made a guide for, to date. The second reason is because it isn't inherently weak. Most of my guides are for countries that possess very little industry, weak military, few points, etc. Nationalist China is by no means an easy country to get started as!

      You begin with piss-poor food production, a pittance of oil, a completely occupied coastline (Japan), one of the most aggressive neighbors you can have in Call of War (again, Japan), and several smaller countries surrounding you, all of which with near-capable armies that, when unified, can take you on. What do you have? 23 level 3 militia units. Now that might sound like a lot - and it kind of is - but they aren't going to just win the day for you. Let's get right into it!

      1. IMMEDIATELY, WITHOUT FAIL, UPGRADE ALL OIL AND FOOD INFRASTRUCTURE. I would not capitalize this whole sentence if it were not important! Your number one priority for right now is to get the infra in place, and get it to as high of a level as you can afford, or YOU ARE GOING TO STARVE.

      2. Deactivate any barracks that aren't with industrial complexes. China was, and still is, one of if not the most populous countries in the world at the time, and has more than enough manpower. You do not need unnecessary barracks.

      3. Completely ignore Communist China. They have virtually no resources, and offer too few points to be of any strategic value. It's too much work, too little reward.

      4. Either make peace with Japan, or prepare for war. I almost always find myself doing the latter, and you can pull it off if you move fast! Mobilize as many anti tank and anti air guns as you can afford. You cannot win an offensive war with Japan, not without a navy, but you can win a defensive one, and to do that, you'll need some bigger guns. Research better artillery and defensive implements for now: hold off on tanks.

      5. For oil, you you essentially have two options: option A, in the event of a Sino-Japanese war, is to take back your coast. Now, you should get around to this sooner or later, but for now, I'd steer clear of Japan, or strike some deals. Use option A as a manner of last resort. Option B is to invade Xingjiang, which also has a nice bit of oil, and is a lot less fortified. You'll also obtain some steel, more goods, a pittance of food, etc.

      6. If you can, mop up Mongolia for some easy points and food.

      7. Assuming you took option B earlier, remember to keep your infra up. Get all food and oil provinces to level 3 infrastructure ASAP. At level 3 infra? Upgrade industrial complexes. Don't have any? Save up and build one. You need to maximize the output of these provinces for the sake of your survival.

      8. Remember to keep investing in better infantry research, and once you have oil, do the same for tanks. Don't worry about a navy unless you're planning to take back your coast... Which, to be honest, even then it's iffy.

      9. If Tibet still exists, yeet 'em for food and steel.

      10. Remember to use your infrastructure. you have a MASSIVE industrial base, something that could even rival the Soviet Union with enough time, and that's your biggest asset. Never neglect it! When in doubt, amass an army of defensive guns!
    • gusv wrote:

      Thanks for the pointers. Coincidentally, I'm about to win a game with India (in coalition with Japan and Canada) in the 39 historical map. Lots of manpower with India, but I'd had issues with both food and oil ... 8)
      Yes, I wish you could sell manpower.
      If I had Canadian Soldiers, American Technology, and British Officers, I would rule the world. -Winston Churchill
      FORUM GANG Second Lieutenant :00000461:
    • But India starts with superior manpower and communist china will also want to take part in the oncoming onslaught and don't forget that certain countries have resources which allow them to set up production centers outside of cities and that's a luxury. I have 13 production centers outside of cities in one of my games and it wasn't that hard to steamroll Asia. I don't know how to attach pictures or I could have shown you.