New Units in CoW 1.5

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    • New Units in CoW 1.5

      Attack Bomber & Rocket Artillery

      Attention, generals!

      Some of you may have wondered when Call of War 1.5 will be back again and what changes we will make to it. Well, you don’t have to wonder much longer!

      Call of War 1.5 soon returns with new updates, new adjustments and brand new units!

      Today we introduce to you some shiny new units that will be available in future Call of War 1.5 games - The Attack Bomber, the Rocket Artillery and the SP Rocket Artillery!

      All three of these units were requested and suggested frequently by the community. And be assured that we have some huge fans of those units within the team as well! With Call of War 1.5 these units will close some important historical gaps in the game as well as currently existing gaps in the balancing.

      Attack Bombers

      Attack Bombers are close-air-support aircrafts like dive bombers, designed for precision bombings and ground offensive support. These new units work extremely well against heavy armored enemy forces but are rather weak when fighting unarmored units.

      The attack bomber is slightly faster than a Tactical Bomber and has hit points and range similar to an Interceptor. It doesn’t match the speed of an Interceptor though.
      • Available at day 2
        • Other bombers will be available at day 2 as well in CoW 1.5
      • 5 research levels
      • Requirement: Aircraft Factory
      With the introduction of Attack Bombers we rebalanced Tactical Bombers to make these two units complement each other. Tactical Bombers are now very efficient when fighting unarmored units, while being less effective against heavy armored units.

      Rocket Artillery

      Rocket Artilleries are artillery units capable of firing rockets instead of artillery shells. The Rocket Artillery was designed to quickly cover large areas with high impacts on the ground. This unarmored unit is highly effective against unarmored enemy units, while being less effective against heavy armored units.

      The Rocket Artillery has the same range as the regular Artillery as well as similar hit points and speed.
      • Available at day 2
      • 3 research levels
      • Requirement: Secret Lab
      With the introduction of Rocket Artilleries we rebalanced regular Artillery units to make these two units complement each other. Regular Artilleries now work best when fighting against heavy armored units, while being less effective when taking unarmored units under fire.

      Self-Propelled (SP) Rocket Artillery

      SP Rocket Artilleries are an advanced version of the Rocket Artillery and are designed to quickly cover wide areas on the battleground. They are most effective when fighting unarmored units.

      The SP Rocket Artillery matches speed, range and hit points of SP Artillery units.
      • Available on day 6
      • 2 research levels
      • Requirement: Secret Lab
      With the introduction of SP Rocket Artilleries we rebalanced regular SP Artillery units to have both units complement each other. Regular SP Artilleries are most efficient when used against heavy armored units, while less effective when deployed in combat against unarmored units now.

      Attack Bombers, Rocket Artillery and SP Rocket Artillery are vital additions to any general’s portfolio. Use them to defend your country or to bring the benefits of your rule to the rest of the world!

      We will share much more information on the latest iteration of Call of War 1.5 and what you can expect in frequent news updates on our website.

      Your Bytro Team
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      Twitter: Call of War
    • C88 wrote:

      for those who complain about cow 1.5 being boring then i advice to lower the build time of units so we can battle since day 1 easly... just like the first test of cow 1.5 was interessing because we could build units fast even if they became useless on day 2 or 4... still its worth it
      Who gets to break the news to the "useless" units that they are now useless? :/
    • Me personally i don't like being at war on day 1 it just feels too soon like i have no time to think out my plan so i'm ok with a small delay like if it was day 3 or day 4. I honestly don't understand why some players want to declare war on the first day of the game because that normally backfires which is not a good idea if you want to win. If you want to win whether it's a solo win or a coalition win in the meantime build more troops, stack your units together and upgrade the buildings then plan who you will be at war against. That's how i see it when i try to win in my games.
    • By good I mean how will they function and how fast will they move, also a question about the lab, will it be in the secret research tech branch or won’t it require research and what resources and hiw much will u need to get the lab
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    • jackass01992 wrote:

      Can you please make a class of ships that can fire missiles?

      Had WWII lasted into the late 1940s this technology almost certainly would have existed and is quite realistic in a scenario where WWII lasted a little bit longer.
      They had rockets in the Napoleonic Wars, and much like early missiles, you were very lucky to have them land remotely near their intended target. The TV guided ones the Germans used in WW2 were close, although they needed a human to remotely steer them to their target, but you had to wait for quite a while many years] after the war to achieve truly guided missiles.
    • I don't know much about artillery, but wouldn't it make more sense for rocket arti to hit armored units better?
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