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      Hello there, We would love for you to join the ULTIMATE alliance: "DEVIL DOG MARINES"! DEVIL DOG MARINES,is home to some of the finest Future/Present Marines,Soldiers and Airmen! Here we role play, We Plan to have Alliance Matches, Have a chain of command,Scheduled Marching/PT/Drill (During the Summer Leader is Inactive, therefore No Marching/Pt/Rifle range/Drill will be scheduled)! Here we have it all. During the Summer, It is tradition for Members to play/practice and develope their skills! We Celebrate Holidays as Well Such as Easter, Halloween,Christmas and etc.! We Hope you enjoy our alliance and find it to be your new one! :thumbsup:

      -This alliance installs discipline in its members, Therefore, cursing,disrespect,Online dating,trolling is NOT tolerated. We expect every member to be the BEST at what he does, Respects his Superiors and Seniors, Has Honor,courage and, Commitment....and above all NEVER QUITS. Once you Join IT IS OUR DUTY TO SHAPE YOU INTO CALL OF WARS DEADLIEST WARRIORS AND DEDICATED WINNERS!

      When Speaking to an Officer:

      When asked a question you reply with Yes sir or No Sir

      When Given an order reply with Aye aye sir!
      Master Sergeant ~ Waronthemoon