Just as I said, Units & Doctrines.

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    • Just as I said, Units & Doctrines.

      By now we should have noticed the introduction of COW 1.5, this includes unit differentiation and separate doctrines.

      When it comes to the COW strategy gaming this sort of implementation should of been introduced a lot earlier, also that the espionage strategy needs more optimisations... COW needs more units and options,

      we've said it...we will get it...

      I have already put through how units should be implemented early 2019....These format types are viable and will work on any COW map. There is no need for a big debacle of the paratrooper useless unit here...it is just another condition of gamepley.

      PLEASE READ...

      Here is a list, of what I believe should be a introduced to alternative COW rounds.
      Please fell free to leave any feedback.

      Requirements; Barracks lvl. II,
      Naval Yards lvl. I
      Infantry lvl. III
      Strength: 6 on any terrain except mountains (-25%)
      Increased speed on coastal cities and water

      Requirements; Barracks lvl. II
      Airbase lvl. I
      Infantry lvl. III
      Can only land on visible terrain,
      Load time, 30 - 60 minutes,
      Range, 400 - 600 km
      On enemy ground landing strength; -25% mountains, -50% City, +%25 hills/forest/jungles,
      Cannot land on occupied ground

      Requirements; Infantry lvl. I & militia lvl. I
      Strength at 2.0 capacity
      Can only be stationed in cities
      Decreased morale loss to the city stationed
      % increase to counter spies/espionage
      Only defends

      Requirements; Requires motorized infantry lvl. II
      % strength increase in forests, jungles, hills
      % increase in health healing

      STEALTH BOMBER; (1945 - 1954 era)
      Requirements; tactical bomber lvl. VI
      Ignores radar

      Requirements; Research &
      lvl. I Airbase
      Decreases fog of war where built, can boost infantry morale at +%10

      Attributes; lvl. I increase wealth 10%
      lvl. II increase wealth 10%
      lvl. III increase wealth 10%
      Can only be built in capital city

      Attributes; Increased morale & healing
      Population growth


      Infantry; Increased HP, Marine unit
      Increased HP motorized infantry
      Decreased cost artillery
      Faster production time, fighter wing

      Armour; Increased HP, heavy tank
      Increase HP, mobile artillery

      Naval; Increased HP, Destroyer
      Increased HP, Carrier

      Air; Increased HP, strategic bomber

      Special; Faster research time strategic bomber & radar.


      Infantry & anti air; Increased HP
      Faster production time for infantry
      Increased HP, paratrooper

      Armour; Increased HP, light tank
      Increased HP, armoured car

      Naval; Increased HP, submarine
      Increase HP, cruiser

      Air; Increase HP, tac bombers
      Increase HP, rocket fighter

      Special; Increase HP, rail gun
      Decrease cost, missile


      Infantry; Faster time militia production
      Increase HP, artillery
      Decrease cost commando

      Armour; Increase HP, medium tank
      Increase HP. mobile anti air

      Naval; Increase HP, Nuclear submarine

      Air; Reduced research time, fighter wing

      Special; Increased capacity for espionage (upgrade spies)
      Reduced cost, atomic research & nuclear power research


      Infantry; Increased HP, infantry
      Increased HP, anti armour
      Increase HP, guard

      Armour; Increase HP, light tank
      Increase HP, tank destroyer

      Naval; Faster production time, submarine
      Increase HP, Battleship

      Air; Decreased cost, fighter wing
      Increase HP, Naval bomber
      Faster research time, jet fighter

      I hope that these ideas help to make resonate alternative formats for COW.
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    • bigboss_ironfist wrote:

      Requirements; Barracks lvl. II
      Airbase lvl. I
      Infantry lvl. III
      Can only land on visible terrain,
      Load time, 30 - 60 minutes,
      Range, 400 - 600 km
      On enemy ground landing strength; -25% mountains, -50% City, +%25 hills/forest/jungles,
      Cannot land on occupied ground
      I'm kind of confused by this. Was this made a long time ago as a unit suggestion, or is it an improvement? Because paratroopers already exist, but with different stats.

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    • Population I'm guessing as in manpower.
      I would love to see a field hospital and radar added into the game. Would make things interesting.

      As for the doctrine changes, I believe that some should be changed due to a historical perspective. (game balance is a whole nother story though)

      I believe that the Allied HP increase for heavy tanks doesn't belong as the US never really sent out heavy tanks to the front lines outside of the M4A3E2. I suppose it may be because of the Churchill's but then the Axis doctrine deserves it more.

      The Axis doctrine should also have added damage buffs to the AA and added HP bonuses to Mechanized infantry.

      The Allied and Comintern doctrines should also have a decrease in tank build time due the standardization of Shermans and T-34s. The Axis should also receive a increase in tank (mostly the heavy tanks) build time due to the constant changes made due to the complexity of each machine.

      The Pan-Asian doctrine shouldn't have a light tank HP buff as by the time the Allies arrived in the Pacific, the Japanese tanks were vastly outgunned and out armored by their counterparts. I agree with the infantry HP buff due to the tenacity of the Japanese soldier

      And IIRC, the nuclear ships are getting removed in 1.5

      Sorry for the disorganized list, I kinda rushed through it. May fix it in the future. Great ideas though!