[The Roleplayers Union] Man In The High Castle Roleplaying Round

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    • [The Roleplayers Union] Man In The High Castle Roleplaying Round

      [RPU] Man In The High Castle Roleplaying Round

      This Roleplaying Round was brought to you by The Roleplayers Union. If you would like to join our discord server where we prepare these maps and advertise new rounds, please follow this link: PRESS HERE

      The Man in the High Castle is an American alternate history web television series depicting a parallel universe where the Axis powers win World War II. For the sake of remaining true to the Call of War Game Terms of Service, certain references to individuals and ideologies have been removed from the storyline.

      ===The Man In The High Castle Roleplay Lore ===

      According to both the novel and the series, the main split between the RP timeline and IRL began with the successful assassination of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933 by Giuseppe Zangaras. Afterward, the United States was subsequently led by John Garner and then by Republican John Bricker. Due to American Isolationism throughout the entirety of World War 2, there was nothing to stop the German advance and eventual capitulation of the allied powers, Operation Sea Lion establishing the British National Union Government and the Massive offensive that would cause all of Europe to be administered by the Greater German Empire. In the following years, Germany pushed the Soviet Union back towards the Urals but was stopped at the Battle of Perm in 1953, where a Red army tank charge ended the life of Joseph Stalin but also grinded the entire German war machine to a halt, collapsing their main battle lines just as the soviets had at the gates of Moscow in 1943.

      Following the Peace of Steel in 1953, Nikita Khrushchev accepted a deal to relinquish many holdings in order to save the Soviet people and was forced to establish several buffer governments between itself and the Axis powers. The Greater Russian State, The Don-Kuban Union, The Commissariat of Ostland, and Commissariat of Greater Ukraine were established as German Imperial Puppets. Over in the East, Japan gained Greater State of Yakutia as its own buffer state.

      In late 1953, a formal agreement between Sweden and Germany grants Norway to Swedish control in exchange for effective control over Sweden, later being renamed as the Union of Scandinavia and becoming a German Puppet government. Very Importantly, The Pax Germanica is signed between Germany and Japan with the Unnamed German Leader and Emperor Hirohito Stating in clear terms that as long as both nations continue to exist, Neither will ever declare war on the other or directly be involved in the spheres of the other. In early 1954 however, a Certain German Leader who shall not be named for the purposes of this RP was found dead in Berlin. A major upheaval and collapse of the ideology that shall not be named for the purposes of this RP has led to a power struggle within Germany and the appointment of Konrad Adenauer as The Greater German Imperial Chancellor. Strangely, at the same time, Emperor Hirohito dies of a heart attack while in Korea, bringing Emperor Akihito into power.

      Both individuals are steadfast in their support of the agreement, and continue to uphold it to this day, however, there are mysterious forces at work within both governments intending to break the treaty and once again bring war upon this planet. Despite the Invasion of The United States and the declaration of German Victory in America (VA Day), Axis forces were forced to fight a hard and tenacious resistance for 15 years following the historic Battle of Cleveland of 1947 in which a single tactical nuclear bomb, stolen from the German forces, was used to destroy an entire German army group, leveling the city of Cleveland. Axis Power has little to no administrative control beyond Puppet governments hiding in coastal cities and regions easily available to German military intervention.

      Within the Japanese sphere, The Free Republic of Arasuka, The Cascadian States of America, and the Pacific States of America are checked in power by the Republic of Quebec, The German States of America and The American Confederation. The American government, having collapsed entirely following the Nuclear bombardment of Washington D.C. has re-consolidated itself from pure anarchy into Three major groups: The Remnants of the American Military, led by Dictator and Caesar Douglas MacArthur. He is known as a Miracle worker due to his coordination of the Battle of Cleveland, securing peace with the Germans by tricking them into thinking the Americans control nuclear technology as well. In the West lies the holdings of the Texan-American Liberation Front, led by Chester William Nimitz. Finally, the Rocky Mountain Republic is an Anarcho-Primitivist state led by the Zealous and Wild followers of Ted Kaczynski, known as Der Unabomber for orchestrating terror attacks all over Germany.

      Now, as German and Japanese power wanes, and the Unaligned bloc of nations continues growing, it seems the world is once more slowly inching itself towards a new reality.

      Note: New Players applying as countries will be responsible for developing their own lore as an application for the RP.

      Landswap Map: i.imgur.com/4OsTf5P.jpg

      Discord Server for the RP: CLICK HERE
      Note: The Server is critical for you to join in this Round.

      ===General Rules===

      No Gold Usage. Usage automatically removes you from the round.

      1 day in game represents 1 Season (3 Months).

      The game will start in Winter of 1962.

      Winter- (December, January, February)
      Spring- (March, April, May)
      Summer- (June, July, August)
      Fall- (September, October, November)

      I reserve the right to use Gold to eradicate those who violate the rules, to penalize players for rulebreaks by removing them from the round entirely, or to reject applications based on actions within prior NRPU Rounds.

      When the game first starts, we will be focused on completing the LS. As such, only articles describing what has occurred from 1933 leading up to where your nation is today can be posted.

      Due to limited game mechanics, all coalitions in game are prohibited to ensure that trades can be conducted as normal.

      You are not allowed to Meatshield. This is the act of combining land transport ships with war vessels to increase their protection.

      All alliances are to be made public. Military Alliances which are not made public will not be considered valid for calling in allies to war. To limit/stop the formation of super military alliances, I would like to ask you all to not form excessive alliances with those around you, and will forcibly break them if necessary.

      Important: It should be noted that unless clarified otherwise in a specific example, it is required to abide by both the spirit and the wording of the rule, and to not just intentionally reword/loophole your way around them.

      === Technology Rules for MITHC RP ===

      Its rather straightforward. In order for a relative balance between nations, all players are limited to a certain level and certain amount of units. Please follow the links below to find your specific nation's Technology.

      If you break tech rules you will be penalized on a case-by-case basis with the first offense most likely being a tech penalty, and the second offense being Removal from the round.

      Note: Tech requests for Nuclear Power, Nuclear Battleships, Nuclear Submarines, Nuclear Carriers, Atomic Bombs, Nuclear Rockets, and Nuclear Bombers are not allowed.

      === Tech Restrictions Sheet ===

      Link is here, click on THIS

      === War Rules: ===

      All Wars must be declared with a declaration of war article of at least 300 words. if its 299 words or less, the war will be voided.Wars must be declared in the in game newspaper and the discord server at least 6 hours before any combat starts. You can choose to ignore this and attack immediately after declaring war, but in that case you cannot call any allies into your war.

      In all wars, There will be war leaders and wargoals. Allies and/or vassals in wars are considered knocked out if their capital is taken or if 60% of their nation is captured. At the end of a war, only 6 provinces can be taken from the losing combatants.After day 50, this will increase to 12 provinces per war.

      If either war leader loses its capital, that war is an automatic victory for the opposing side. All nations are forced to come to diplomatic negotiation. Those who continue conflict will be penalized or removed from the round entirely.

      "Unity and Loyalty Above All"

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    • ===The Autonomy System===

      A puppet is a country that is de jure independent but is more or less controlled by another, often stronger nation, through an installed government that is loyal to the controlling nation. Puppets can break free from their puppet masters, however, this cannot be done peacefully if the player wishes to do it swiftly.

      Remember: If a nation breaks free from its colonial overlord, It cannot be re-vassalized through war unless it is 10 provinces or less after day 50.

      The Remaining Autonomy System Rules, Factions and Faction Rules can be found HERE

      === Alliance Rules ===

      Evading any alliance rules, limits or unannounced alliances by declaring wars at the same time will be frowned upon if coincidental and if it becomes a regular occurrence or appears intentional action will be taken to punish it. Admin judgement will be reserved for this.

      Keep alliances reasonable, realistic and sensible. There will be an alliance cap of 3 excluding your overlord. Overlords cannot create military alliances with nations outside their sphere.

      There is a required 1 year peace period after a military alliance is ended or broken, before either side can attack one another. If specified, a longer one can exist.Military Alliances can only last a maximum of 5 years.

      You may leave a military alliance at any time.If a nation is called into a war, and fails to show up within a 24 hour period, it will not be permitted into the war.

      If a country has troops stationed in an allied country that aren't starting to fall back during this 24 period, they can be assumed and treated as war participants regardless of their claims or lack of.You are not permitted to pass through neutral territory to attack in a war.
      "Unity and Loyalty Above All"

      My Youtube Channel is linked in the thumbnail

      The New Roleplayers Union Discord is linked to the Banner.