What new Doctrine do you like the most?

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    • What new Doctrine do you like the most?

      Which doctrine do you like? 43

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      I personally like the Pan-Asian Doctrine (kinda like hit-and-run) but what do you think?
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    • In my opinion, the Allies are the best, as it is pretty easy to grow and advance your army while still maintaining power, since production times are reduced, research time is reduced, and research cost is reduced. The only downside to the Allied doctrine is the unit speed, and that is not really that bad, as it just means you have a prolonged war. So far, I have done pretty well with the Allied doctrine in the FP games, and find it the best overall.

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    • Hm, seems like Axis and Comintern is in the lead as of right now. When I weighed up the options, I was thinking of Axis as they pack a punch and the doctrine is basically "quality-over-quantity", but the high research costs means that at the early game when rares are, well, rare, the Axis will be in a very bad disadvantage, and let's say a lvl 3 Axis troop equals a lvl 5 other doctrine troop (for convenience purposes), if the Axis can't even research up to that point due to shortages, then basically their only advantage is negated. Then, in the long term, the Allies and Comintern can simply out-produce them (either through superior production speed or upkeep) and negate their advantage of being "tanky".

      The Allies is probably the best in the long term as they have low research cost and quick production speed, which means they are the best balance between Axis and Comintern, beating them either in spamming or quality. In the long term, troop upkeep might be a limit, but anyone that reaches the late game is probably experienced and knows how to handle their economy and so that won't be much of a problem. Like f118 said, their only problem is slowness, which isn't really much as their entire doctrine surrounds "slow and steady wins the race", so they would steadily push their enemies back into an inevitable doom.

      Comintern is probably the most fun as low production cost (not to be confused with production speed) and upkeep means the dream of the troop spammer. It's basically the doctrine of the "zombie horde" where individually they are weak, but together they are strong. However, compared to the Allies they have slower production speed, so in the long term, unless they have way more factories and troop production centers, they can't really compete.

      Pan-Asia wasn't really mentioned much in the above paragraphs, so why do I like it much? The doctrine is simple in that it relies on intel and speed. Who cares how strong the Axis, Comintern, or Allies are if they can't catch you? This doctrine is kinda like the total opposite of the Allies: instead of stability they go for chaos (AC running around comes to mind), instead of late-game dominance they go for early-game conquest. It may not be the most effective doctrine (since by late-game the Allies and Comintern would have massive armies covering entire fronts that Pan-Asia can't break through and Axis have doomstacks punching through their lines) but it is by far the most exciting and interesting.
      "As long as there are sovereign nations possessing great power, war is inevitable." Albert Einstein

      "Giving up is not an option in war, for it proves one's incapability and incompetence as a leader." - Me (Little Racoon)
    • I have tried every doctrine. This is what I think:

      • Western Allies is BEST. They lower production costs are very helpful and the 10% speed slower thing doesn’t really matter.

      • Pan-Aisian is second best, you can quickly attack and grow big fast.

      • Axis is third, the troops are powerful, but the production is hard and you have to build lots of buildings to get more resources.
      • I don’t really like Comintern. You can spam units cause you produce them fast, but they are weak and you have a really bad disadvantage at the start of the game.