bugs that broke

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    • bugs that broke

      The game is pretty nice, I've been playing for a while, but now every 3x2 there is a bug, tonight, I had 6 planes out of 2 aircraft carriers in the middle of the Mediterranean, with all the naval team alerted for an attack, in this convoy in addition to the aforementioned aircraft carriers also included 4 battleships 3 cruisers, 1 submarine, 6 destroyers, plus 40 land divisions that sail together with the aforementioned escort, (the planes in a convoy to follow because strange fact do not join and therefore are not stockable, but we leave the look is another matter) plus other naval divisions with battleships, mas and remote hunting. the team departing from La Spezia is a stop between the Balearics and Sardinia to wait for some CacciaTP with the units arriving from Naples. At the restart of the convoy the planes on the aircraft carriers, (4 naval bombers and 2 fighters) turned into a pickup truck and remained there, in the middle of the sea in a pickup truck, I made the naval convoy go back, but nothing the planes always on the truck , if I try to move them on patrol it does nothing because there are no airports nearby, if I drag them on the aircraft carrier the dice "this aircraft carrier is not reachable" the nice thing is that if I want them far you go as a convoy and (only thing possible ) take them to an aviopista, he makes me embark for 3h, in the middle of the sea, in the middle of nowhere. The same thing happened this morning in La spezia, when he was about to leave for the team, but I didn't pay much attention, because it didn't take us long to go to Genoa, to the airport and fly to the aircraft carrier. X( X( :cursing: :cursing: :thumbdown: <X :wallbash :wallbash :wallbash
      I repeat, what use are shit on 1.5 if it doesn't work already.