1.5 FP round observations

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  • 1.5 FP round observations


    There might already be a thread for the COW 1.5 Frontier Pioneer rounds but don't see it.

    1) Building the two new rocket items and looking forward to trying them out. I like the concept of having them and artillery with additonal values vs heavy armor. Very well conceived game play addition.

    2) Same with the new bombers. great idea to split attack values vs light or heavy armor compared to tac bombers.

    3) would still like to see different values for cities so they all aren't the same. Just seems a little bland in comparison to all the other changes.

    4) I haven't been the biggest fan of the 1.5 changes to game play, but I appreciate the Devs giving us the chance to try these games out and provide feedback.

    5) Visually the game does look awesome. I would like to see some more dramatic changes to the visual terrain when there are mountains and forests. But thats just me nitpicking.
  • Update...

    I think the Rocket and SP rocket systems along with the materials needed to research and build them is really well balanced against anti tank and artillery because you don't need goods.

    Good seems to still be my biggest shortfall. I think having a couple additonal weapons that do not require goods would be helpful.

    This version makes for some real difficult choices in how to spend your resources. Which makes me think that a doctrine that allowed cheaper and faster troops production without a bump in resources kind of negates the benefits of that doctrine. This of course may balance out as game play advances.

    Also I have attempted to invade Spain a couple times and he has been able to beat back my moves so good opportunities to fight off invasions with the new troop structure. I will attempt a couple different types of attacks to see what works best or maybe the game is just weighed more heavy on defense and other strategies will need to evolve.