Province ownership glitch

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    • Province ownership glitch

      I had taken the province of Istanbul, rebuilt the barracks and naval base and had an interceptor being built. I moved my unit out of the province to be moved across into another province in Turkey, and for some reason, the game took Istanbul off me, gave it back to Turkey (no Turkish units were anywhere to be seen in the city and this happened within 25 minutes of taking the province) and took away the barracks and naval base that I'd built but didn't refund me the resources! Then, another province that had been taken over by one of my allies, and wasn't even a core province of Turkey suddenly came under my control for no reason. I got front reports to acknowledge that I'd taken Istanbul, nothing to say that I'd lost it, a report saying that I'd taken Burgas and then another one after the recapture of Istanbul...
      Any ideas on what's going on? Is this going to be a regular thing? ?( :thumbdown: