some of the province in Pacific 50 Map have wrong terrain render?

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    • some of the province in Pacific 50 Map have wrong terrain render?

      While playing the Pacific 50 Map, i notice some of the provinces up in north central Asia near the coast were shown as Mountains when in fact they were Plains. This makes a significant difference to what sort of troops u should send to fight there (much better to send tanks to a plains province). Sorry i cannot list the provinces here because I sent the list of names as a 'bug report ' but the response reply was to post my feeback here (Suggestions / Criticism) but my original email was not attached to the reply and i havent got a Pacific map playing at the moment to remake the list. Up in north central Asia toward the coast, the current render shows several 'chains' of mountain ranges but the mountain symbology extends significantly across at least several provinces that when u zoom in and click on them are actually Plains.
    • Yes, that is because in real life, the mountains extend that far. However, in the plains province, the "majority" of the province is actually plains.

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