REBELS Advanced recruiting for the next Alliance World Cup

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    • REBELS Advanced recruiting for the next Alliance World Cup

      Hello Comrades of Call of War. Are you looking for an alliance?
      Well REBELS Advanced is recruiting right now. We are currently recruiting for the next Alliance World Cup(Date is undecided yet). Since we are ranked 154th in the world we have strict measures for entering the alliance. :thumbup: :thumbup:
      1. You must have a discord, or be responsive in the alliance in- game chat. At the very least you must contact the leader of the alliance(myself) through the Call of War mail(I check in the forums once a day usually so if you ask me anything don’t expect me to respond in minutes)
      2. Your level must be at least 60(if you are a level below that you must have exceptional stats, since experience is very important in a war I won’t accept those below level 25)
      3. Your KD must be at least 1.3(level 50-59: 1.5, level 30-49: 1.6)
      4. You must have won at least 1 game
      These rules are quite flexible. Even if you are a raw recruit wanting to join an alliance, post in this thread. You may not be joining my alliance, but I can still refer you to my sister alliances.
      :beer: :beer: :wallbash
      Thanks for taking time for time reading this post
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