Maybe discord is the way?

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    • Maybe discord is the way?

      Everyone knows it is tedious as hell to open up your browser just to get to the forum section so you can just check out information on the new update that came or maybe to just read the rules or even chat with someone you know in Call of war. Wont It be amazing if Bytro made an official discord server with the news feed coming there and maybe a section for guidance on gameplay mechanics like there is endless opportunity to it. In the end if there already is a discord (which I don't think there is) and I am dumb enough to not know about it please do tell me. Thanks
    • If it's tedious to open up the forum, it'll be tedious to open up Discord. It is just as much work, but the forum infrastructure is already in place. Why does it make sense to set up a Discord when the forum is already here?

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    • However, there is one major problem in discord. It's that messages get quickly drowned out. In the forums at least, there are threads that are devoted to one topic so whoever is trying to find some info can easily find it in the forum. Being more organized and already having a ton of information, the forum is clearly the superior mode.

      However, a discord would be ok, kinda like a global chat, but it's not really necessary.
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