An Asia 22 road to war map or something?

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    • An Asia 22 road to war map or something?

      The current europe 22 map isgreat as many players play it and has been good in an alliance war or games as it has no profit or loss for any player ... mostly al are equal.
      but i want to omegle discord xender know why bytro isnt making maps for asia alike this maybe it wasnt important as that as europe was but japan was there and british empire struggled to keep the hold there if not for india a nd china who helped a lot

      but devs we do need this asian game because it was a major theatre too many people lost their lives here also it would be seriously not be a good case if an asian blitzkrieg map or 22 player map is not made event the pacificwar map of 50 players is too much and not whole asia is accounted for we got 3 different indias!! what is this ?
      Asia is important too pls make an asian map with british india uk burma china tibet mongolia persia and japan netherlands russia mancvhuko like ur blitz map or some war map

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