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    • How does it works? Is there some bugs or changed? I have provinces with 100% chance of rebellion but they stay while some of 25 % chance do rebel and go to other nation. I write this question because on one province I conquered I had 6 SP arty, so they strength should be about 15, as I know, when is 25% chance army strength should be about 7 or more, but 15 is more than enough to keep province from rebellion. . I entered map and I see 2 SP arty, I tried to merge them and then I realize that I have only one arty. Other belongs to Panama, my coalition partner, and I read in news that 4000 man killed in rebellion . SO I suppose it is 4 arty, and my question is, why? Is there difference between maps, or something I missed.
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      Recently, a bugfix was released that solved a bug that has been around since August, suppressing rebellions. Now, they work as intended. For more info:…ions-and-province-morale/

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