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      Now this new update caught me completely off guard my moral handling skills are extremely inadequate and i lost all of africa and whole america in one day just because of the update. Please just can you guys write the crux of the whole deal as i really cant read the whole moral article due to some very busy days. Also does losing province to rebellion counts as loss of province to your stats?
    • What happened was that Bytro fixed a defect in their AI a couple of weeks ago, so now we're all dealing with a better version of it. We all had it too easy for many months.

      The "crux of the whole deal" is that you will probably have to expand/advance slower, and keep a unit or two in captured provinces until each next day-change.

      You'll also want to reposition your capital from time to time, to help with morale all across your empire.

      And of course, building infrastructure and forts in captured provinces will help morale.
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    • If you have a solid ally, the most cost effective way to deal with it is to conquer lands with your ally in a chessboard pattern. You simply want to make sure that each of your provinces borders as little of your own provinces and as many as your ally's provinces as possible. Same of course for your ally.

      If you look at the morale scores in newly conquered lands far from home, you see a large negative score for "neighbours". These neighbouring provinces each give you -4 or -5 to morale in your province. Just as bad as hostile lands bordering your provinces. Allied neighbouring provinces however give you no moral penalty.

      If the land is far enough from your capital, you get -39 morale for that. If then a province borders say 6 other provinces that you captured, that is another -30. If you are at war with 2 nations, that adds -10. So your total negative morale score would be 79, leaving you with 21. This puts you in a hole that is nearly impossible to get out of. If however 3 out of those 6 neighbouring provinces are owned by your ally, you only have -64, bringing you to 36 morale, which is enough to prevent revolts.

      The difficult part of this is that you will first need to make your ally understand this, and then he needs to be active enough to coordinate this chessboard capturing together with you. I have not yet succeeded at this, but if you do have the right ally. This is the solution.

      Be very, careful moving your capital, you don't want that -39 in your home territories. Even if you have lvl 3 infrastructure and forts in your producing provinces, it will still hurt pretty badly as your non-improved provinces will go down to 61 in peace time or 51 if you are at war with 2 nations. From there they will go down further because they affect eachoher negatively. Your productive provinces will thus get another -3 or so for each neighboring unimproved province. Even with maxed forts and infrastructure, your productive provinces morale will go down significantly. Without those maxed forts+infrastructure, your homeland could become a total wasteland.

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