Great Patriotic War (Eastern Front)

    • Great Patriotic War (Eastern Front)

      In the History, At the day of June 22, 1941 Operation Barbarossa was issued in order to invade the western part of the USSR. So, trying out as German or Russia or other nations like Romania, Finland, Italy, or Ukraine including all combatants in one massive could be really nice. While the Axis have Massive armies ready for invasion, Soviets r all scattered in vast area of the countries with holding a little bit much more industries than the Axis to build up units for the defense. The winning of the soviet can be decided if they are able to counter the Axis back and fight back to their Capitals. If possible please split up the Germany into 2 or 3 armies groups capable for 2 or 3players just like in the 1944End game and available 7 or 8slots for both sides making 14 or 16players map. Thank you for your attention.
    • In the last 12 months I recall 2 discussions in this forum on creating new versions of the 1939 25-player historical map ...

      1) A June 1941 version at the time of Germany's Operation Barbarossa.
      2) A December 1941 version at the time of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

      I tend to favor the December 1941 version. You could have 3 pre-determined alliances as in 1944 Endgame map. One would be Axis powers (Germany, Japan, Italy, Romania, Manchuria). Another one would be Comintern (Russia, Xinjiang, Mongolia, Communist China, and perhaps Peru). And the last one would be the western allies (US, UK, Nationalist China, India, Canada or Australia). All other countries would be AI nations ... 8)