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  • Call of War 1.5 FAQ

    Call of War 1.5 FAQ

    As Call of War moves forward to a new chapter in its story, this thread has been created in order to help you with the transition from Call of War 1.0 to Call of War 1.5, by answering some of your most commonly asked questions.

    Q. How do I increase resource Production?

    1. To increase resources (incl. money) in urban provinces you need to build and upgrade industries.
    1. To increase resources (incl. money) in non-urban provinces you need to build and upgrade local industry.

    Remember: You will need to expand your borders if you need more resources.

    Q. How do I increase manpower production?

    1. To increase manpower you need to build and upgrade industries.
    Q. Why can I not recruit units?
    1. Remember you can only recruit units in urban provinces where you have the required buildings in place.
    Q. Can I demolish buildings?
    1. No, you cannot demolish buildings.
    Q. I See Offers in Market Greater than 30 Per unit?
    1. This is because the AI has placed offers on the market for values greater than 30 per unit. Human players cannot do this.
    Q. At What Rate do Damaged Units Heal?
    1. They should heal if you rest them and keep out of battle, naval units rest at sea. The rate is 15% damage per day.
    2. All units now receive higher amounts of health when leveled up.
    3. With Gold, as condition boosts heal always 10% of the missing health, condition boosts on later levels became more powerful.

    4. Remember units with lower health now deal less damage than in the previous version.

    Q. What does High Command Give You?
    1. On all platforms, you get the following HC benefits, access to gold games for free, a special HC chat, the ability to queue buildings and production, fire control for ranged units, filters for province list and the ability to set rally points and share intelligence.
    2. Desktop only, as well as above you also get the ability to create one own game per month and the option to post image uploads to newspaper.
    Q. What are Rally Points?
    1. Rally points for units is a great feature once one has a larger empire. Once produced, the units will automatically set off for the predetermined destination (rally point) you set.
    Q. What Happens if I take over a Capital?
    1. You lower the morale in all of their provinces while increasing your own and get half their cash. This process can be repeated.
    Q. I Can't land my Tac bomber on my Carrier?
    1. Aircraft carriers can accommodate naval bombers, fighters and tactical bombers (lvl 4+).
    Q. If I upgrade a building can I decrease unit build time?
    1. Yes, but Each unit has a minimum allowed build time regardless of building level.
    Q. How do I make transport ships?
    1. Transport ships are not produced. Units will automatically board transport ships when entering sea terrain. (Dis)embarking takes a few hours.
    Q. Can Rockets and atomic Bombers land/be used from Carriers?
    1. No.
    Q. Why Can I not Build More than One Capital?
    1. A county only has ONE capital, you can build it in any province you want but you only have one.
    Q. How Can I increase my Gold Production?
    1. You cannot increase Gold production. You can only Purchase gold from the Bytro Shop or Win Gold. Gold is the games Premium Currency and gets added to your warchest when purchased or won to use in your different CoW maps.
    Q. I Get a Message saying "Server state differs from client" What does this Mean?
    1. If you try to attack/move something that doesn't exist, it will go "Server state differs from client". This is because the server state differed from the client (aka the map is different to what actually is there). Zooming out, a partial refresh, or a full reload should all fix this issue.
    Q. How do I win a round?
    1. This is simple, you need to meet the required Victory Points (VP) for that map to win a Round. Solo victory will not trigger if you are in a coalition.
    Remember: Victory points are concentrated in urban provinces.

    Q. What are Victory Points (VP)?

    1. VP are required to win a game. Depending on the map, the VP goal is different. Provinces have different amounts of VP. To find the amount you need open the World herald and look at the Index of Nations box;

    Q. How is VP in the World Herald Calculated?
    1. This is complicated but I believe it is the same as other Bytro Games = Calculation of VP

    Q. Can a Coalition win a Round?
    1. Yes. A Coalition can win a round by achieving a set amount of VP which can be found in the game newspaper.

    Q. How long can games last/There is a countdown timer in my game?
    1. All game rounds have a maximum runtime depending on the map size. Small maps: 5 weeks; medium maps: 7 weeks; big maps: 10 weeks. If not won earlier, the highest ranked player or coalition wins when the end date is reached.

    Q. Do your buildings/provinces consume resources like before?
    1. No, in Call of war 1.5 provinces and buildings have no upkeep anymore. In turn the unit upkeep is increased and is now dependent on the unit production cost. (Units and spies still consume cash)
    Q. I have a large unit stack and it is ineffective?
    1. The damage output of an army is regulated by a stack limit for the whole army. When more than 10 units are part of an army, no matter their type, the damage efficiency of the army is lowered.
    Q. How do I know who is active and who is Not?
    1. You can check by going to Diplomacy. Under the "Active Player". A green dot indicates an active player, a red dot means inactive and a outline symbol shows AI/NPC nation.
    Remember: When a player becomes inactive, they are controlled by AI until their return.

    Q. Can I delete my Game(s)?

    1. No. You can’t delete a game. If you are done with a game you send it to your Game Archive and eventually it will disappear. On the main screen, find the game you want to Archive.
    Press the 'i' button on the game tile/window and there is an option to “Send to Archive”. It will take some time but will eventually disappear from the list.

    Q. Players have Medium Tank on Day 1?

    1. This means that the player is a new player and is playing this game as a Tutorial game. In the Tutorial you play your first map the game gives you a medium tank to start with.
    Q. When I research higher levels will my Units Increase?
    1. No. Unlike Call of War 1.0 units on the map don't upgrade automatically. They can be manually upgraded to the highest currently researched level via a new unit command.
    Note: Upgrading costs 50% of the resources and takes 50% of time that the target level requires for production.

    Q. What has happened to Nuclear Power, I can’t research it?

    1. Nuclear power research has been removed. Atomic Bombs can be researched directly at a higher price.
    Q. What has happened to Nuclear Battleships, Aircraft Carriers and Submarines?
    1. Nuclear sea units have been removed from the game.
    Q. What are doctrines and which is best?
    1. Your nation's doctrine is key to what research you will likely prioritize during the game. The link below gives you a visual guide to the units which are available first for research per type and doctrine and gives greater details on doctrines on CoW 1.5. More info can be found here CoW Doctrines
    Q. Do AI nations have doctrines?
    1. Every nation in 1.5 has a doctrine, this includes neutral ones.
    Q. Can I change my nation's doctrine?
    1. No doctrines are pre-set and each nation has a specific doctrine that would historically match that nations.
    Q. Do doctrines tie you to allies of the same doctrine?
    1. No. You can ally with players of different Doctrines, and you can also be enemies with players of the same Doctrine.
    Q. If someone declares war on everyone does it affect morale?
    1. No. There is no war penalty.
    Q. I have read about an “X-factor” which makes battle results unpredictable?
    1. In 1.5 the combat results are more predictable because the damage output of a unit can only vary within a range of +20% and -20% (also other factors like stack size, condition (HP), unit class and terrain type come into play).
    Q. What are the combat intervals (how often is damage dealt)?
    1. Every 30 minutes, for both land and sea combat.
    Q. Will my planes attack if on Patrol?
    1. Aircraft on patrol will not attack unless ordered or after 15 minutes of patrol over enemy land
    Q. How is damage distributed?
    1. When an army takes damage, the incoming damage is shared among all units in the army. Units only start to die when the army condition drops below 50% so they will not die on a unit by unit basis like before.
    Q. Why have my units gotten slower?
    1. Unit condition is key to its speed. If it drops below 50%, its movement speed is lowered. When nearing 0% condition, the speed is reduced to 50%.
    Q. What protection does a city garrison get from a Fortress?
    1. The troops take reduced damage in battle, depending on the level of your Fortress. If your fort is level 4.5 - lv. 5 (Urban province only) it will hide your units from the enemy with a "?".
    2. Non Urban province forts only provide defensive boost not ability to hide forces (at any level).

    Q. How can I disable sound and/or music?
    1. Yes, to do this just open the settings cog in game (bottom right) and select the “toggle sound effects” and/or “toggle music” buttons
    Q. Can I change my Username?
    1. Yes. You can change your game name once by opening settings on your main Call of War homepage.
    Note: 1 time use only!

    Q. Is there an App for Call of War?

    1. Simple answer, YES. Call of War is playable on mobile devices via mobile web or app from Google play or the other supported app stores.
    Q. How do Paratroopers reembark?
    1. They can be converted back to a plane after the mobilization timer ended. Converting also has a timer of its own. So it is not an immediate thing for balancing reasons.
    Q. Why is it longer to build an airstrip in non urban provinces compared to a factory in Urban?
    1. This is down to balancing. Building an air factory is expensive, building an airstrip is cheap. We wouldn't want to have plane users stomp 10 airstrips out of the ground within 30min during an offensive. It would then be too easy to avoid planes getting lost due to airstrips being conquered.
    Q. Players are hacking and using cheats. What can I do?
    1. There are no hacks or cheat codes available for Call of War, if you believe a player is cheating you can always report the accused user via the ingame report options.
    Q. Is there a limit to unit stack size?
    1. Yes. In CoW 1.5 the limit of a stack size is 10. So you should not over-stack unit groups, as it would be ineffective (and a waste of perfectly good units) as only the 10 strongest values within the group will be used. It is best to mix different types of units if you do overstack.
    Remember: Hitpoints are not affected by the stack limit.
    Note: HP of units are added up normally without any stack limit. It also means units will receive damage even if their damage values are not used. Stack limit only affects damage output.

    ]Q. Does the HP total or HP percentage of troops remain the same as troops lvl up?
    1. HP percentage remains the same, so even damaged units gain hitpoints when upgraded.
    Q. Can others see the levels of my buildings?
    1. Yes, all building levels are public, only the secret lab levels are hidden.
    Q. Can you get double resource provinces in non-urban provinces?
    1. No, only in urban provinces.
    Q. What affects province Morale?
    1. Distance to capital. Capped at -60
    Remember: Morale of your province can affect production morale

    Q. How do I reveal stealth units without using gold?
    1. Regular fighter airplanes (interceptors) can scout and reveal stealth,
    2. lvl. 3 armored cars
    3. lvl. 3 motorized inf can reveal stealth units. Spies can also be used
    Q. When you have a Lv1 unit, but it's researched to Lv3, and you go to upgrade that Lv1 unit, does it upgrade all the way to 3 or must it be done in stages?
    1. All the way, you only pay for the highest lvl you are upgrading to.
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