Looking for Super active Alliance

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    • Looking for Super active Alliance

      My stats as of 06/8/2020:
      Level 39
      Player K/D: 1.29
      Ai K/D : 4.01
      Province Ratio: 3.22

      About myself: I tend to stick with one game at a time, so I can micro and macro manage it. I am always on. the only time i'm not on is If i'm asleep or in a car. My latest strategy is with the axis and playing to its strong suit of blitzkrieg, I build up as much stability in my nation and spying and learning how the enemy plays to counter it. Then lash out as fast as I can to take the enemy out. All while always having reserves to defend home. I made the account in 2016 but only played a few games, one of which lasted for 130 days (my first game). I just got bored having to Play with myself or getting Disappointed as my allies slowly quit.

      What I'm looking for: A super active alliance that is team focused. And teaching and learning from each-other to do the best we can with what we have.
    • you can fit right in with the Medieval Knights Templar Alliance. just Dm me for an application and I will make sure you can fit in.
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