Change flag and province names and add Province.

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    • Change flag and province names and add Province.

      I think we should be able to change the flag of our countries.Some people like the country and just don’t like the flag.I also think that we should be able to rename cities and add cities to the map. I think all of these additions would give the game a higher appeal and more character.
    • The option of adding cities, renaming cities and changing flags is good in theory but it's not a good idea. Most players would abuse that power by renaming cities to something inappropriate or something unrelated to history same goes with the flags since this game is during ww2. For naming cities i think it's just too much work for the devs i don't think it's worth it. After all this is supposed to be historically accurate during the time period so by adding the stuff you want to add it would be non historical. To me the game is fine without it.
    • I see your point.In some instances though, the game is set up in a senecio like pacific conquest or American home front. Changing the flag would also be a good addition because it would give the game character.In a game some people like the country but not the flag.Changing the flag would make the game more fun.
    • Yeah I barely look at my countries flag. Also if you change the flag you might get confused what country it is you might not remember. Also it will be harder to recongnize another countries. When you are on your homepage about to enter the game you are playing, and you have 2 games of the same event, you will probably get confused which is which if the flag and name of your country is different.
    • A: CoWs predecessor, Supremacy 1914, had the ability to change flags and country names, among other things. I assume the devs had a good reason for eliminating those features.
      B: How would adding cities work? Are you splitting off the population from a preexisting city or spawning new people out of thin air? How does the resource production work-is it the same resource as the old province? Can you just decide that Florida produces oil? Do the devs have to program every single region of every single map to have a list of resources new cities could produce? Adding completely new people and resources would be completely unrealistic but just splitting the old stuff in half seems like it would cost the devs a lot of time for no real gain; great, I have yet another province to conquer. This game takes place over a few years, not decades or centuries. Roosevelt couldn't just decide that there was gonna be a new settlement with a noteworthy population here and boom, new city. Not only is there no historical basis for adding new cities in the middle of WW2, there is no in-game justification for it either.