Bias Against High Command Player

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    • gazsom wrote:

      Look up Call of War cheats there you will see, How to Combat Gold Users on you tube, and see for yourself " How to Combat Gold users" on utube. Saying you must be nice to gold users (sarcastically)
      I think there's a difference between heavy gold users and those who enjoy the streamlined features of High Command, but remain limited to having the same amount of resources as everyone else.

      Combating gold users isn't so different from combating non-gold users. As a rule, you should be nice to everyone in your game, and try to convince them that you're on their side, starting from Day 1. Then you may pick your moment to break their trust and annihilate them.
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      I suppose its because of how hard it is for non-high command members to combat high command members. Its partially understandable although the Devs need to eat as well!
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