Map of symmetrical balance for tournaments

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    • Map of symmetrical balance for tournaments

      I found the game lacking information about the tournament. And even when the tournament is over, I don't see the award for the winner.
      "Who is someone Win ? is it show on web site ?"
      Or at least monthly Bonus Report for high-ranking Alliance. This helps to motivate alliances to play against each other. Besides, the game lacks balanced and symmetric maps. I have seen a balanced map of 10 Island players before but there are few players because people don't like to play in the sea, it is too slowly. Create balanced map on land with 10/10 player or 20/20 player. I wanted to say this two years ago.
      good luck :beer:
    • I would like to send to game publisher 2 suggestions.
      1. Game publishers should organize tournaments and promote them on the official website. Or create monthly or quarterly awards for the top Alliance. It will make the Alliance more active and more active players
      2. Create 1 or 2 more maps. Those are symmetrical map of each other , all players have the same position (same map "10/10 Island" being disable)". Currently everyone uses the Road Euro map to war Alliance. I think there should be some more maps for them to choose.
      good luck