The 92' Dream Team is looking for North American superstars

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    • shmoobi wrote:

      The North American Saviors have arrived and are looking for new members.


      Fluent English YES

      Any KD .79

      Any Level 42

      Must have Discord @Kyle.#8830

      If you'd like to join reply to this tread or shoot me/Officer Vaktor Jr. a PM. :evil: DONE!

      Hey, what up? My name's Kyle. I'm 28, from Cleveland, OH. I've been playing on and off for a few years now and I love it. Well, honestly, I really only love the x4 super fast speed mode that only comes like...what...once a month or so? Oh, does the speed get higher than x4? I think it goes up to x8? Not sure, but anyway, I love fast games. I'm a LIGHT tanker, so I sorta sell all my food at the start and go straight for LT's. I chose LT's as my main unit due to 2 reasons. The main one is, yeah, I'm sure you guessed it, the speed factor. Yeah, I know, armored cars are faster, but they're nothing when the power of a LT hits it. And that brings me to my 2nnd reason, the power. A light tank is fast + powerful and that's what makes it my go to unit. As I'm spamming LT's, I'm also busy building Industrial. I chose Industrial over Infrastructure because it offers the same resource bonus, at first, and also lets me pump out those light tanks faster and faster.

      While all this is going on, I'm in the Diplomacy tab, messaging everyone. And no, I'm not exaggerating. I..message...everyone! Whether I'm playing on their emotions (all so they feel bad and give me resources, lol) by telling them how Call of War is all I have ever since COVID made me laid off from work; or being diplomatic and making allies, sharing vision, trading, etc... I'm messaging every single person, to give me the upper edge. Because. we all know, we cannot do it alone.

      Even with all this going on, I find time to hit the market and get my economic warfare on. I always buy up all the Rare Materials (as long as they're under 20 or so), then I resell them at 30. You may not understand but, rare mats are CRUCIAL for upgrading tech, units, or building Industrial Complexes. People ALWAYS eventually pay me 30 for the Rare Mats (As long as I create a shortage of them buy continuously buying them all up!).

      So, this is how I play. Hope you enjoyed reading a bit about me and I hope you learned something here. DM me or hit me up on Discord! Later guys..