1.5 Railroad gun unbalanced

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  • the new railroadgun is even stronger then the old one. although the railroadgun might be harder to produce (because its more expensive and requires lvl.4 secret lab) but in the late game it isn't very much and easy to spam. another unit i think is OP is rocket fighter. they are just way too strong and anyone who uses them can easily have air superiority around the world and destroy all enemy aircraft.
  • Depends on what you mean with old one. Better than CoW1.0? Yes. Better than the Railroad Gun in CoW1.5 from 2 months ago? No. Compared to that it got slightly better vs. heavy armored (9 instead of 7), but got weaker vs. unarmored (6.5 instead of 7) and weaker against light armored (7.5 instead of 8), and lost all its terrain bonuses. Plus it got more expensive and has higher production requirements.
    But as I stated in my previous post, we will make another adjustment next patch by lowering their attack range and moving back their research availability a bit. I don't expect further nerfs past that though as we nerfed it quite a lot by then.

    I did not see evidence yet for Rocket fighters being OP. They are stronger than interceptors in a direct duel when they are on the attacking side (which is intended), but they have quite limited range (=harder to relocate and catch enemy planes outside their range). They fulfill a different role than the Interceptors so it makes sense to build them (faster, stronger in attack, shorter range, different costs and requirements, less level upgrades). The Interceptor is still the more versatile plane.