What is your biggest comeback in Call of War?

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    • (Couple of weeks late, but oh well!) I was playing in a 1.0 Doomsday as South Mexico. I was doing pretty well, my coalition members went inactive, so I invaded them :D . Then I decided to attack East Mexico. I pushed them back, and almost destroyed, when West Texas, who was also attacking East Mexico, accidentally got caught in a battle between East Mexico and me. This unfortunately put us at war, which was the turning point. West Mexico had complete land superiority, although I had more nukes, aircraft, and naval units. I was pushed all the way back to my core provinces. Luckily, three things happened that saved my skin. One was that most of the Texan army, on its way to invade me, got caught in battle with a lone tank of mine. I was able to use one of my nuke rockets, and sacrifice my tank, destroying the army. Also, my coalition members started invading West Texas from the north, forcing them to split up their army. Finally, I churned out tanks and artillery, battalion after battalion. This allowed me to completely dominate West Texas and East Mexico, and allowed my coalition to win.

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    • I have got several big come backs and one huge rubber-back.

      Let's rather describe the Rubber Back. It may be more interesting :). Playing Tibet in the Historical map. Expand to India, and allied with Japan, China and (this one out of coalition) Xingjiang we eat up Soviet Union from the back until the player drops the towel. Germany eats up the rest of Soviet Union until let's say a vertical line going through Caucasus, the rest is shared between us.

      China and Japan share all of Asia but Australia is still fighting Japan efficiently, and the only other capable player seems to be Germany that controls most of Europe (including France and Italy, can't remember UK, not Spain though). We build a massive army with China and Xianjiang to take over Germany, it takes us weeks because our excess production is small (especially mine and Xianjiang).

      I spend a week building an army, and it is assault time (Japan is occupied with Australia). We push through the troops on the border, Germans keep coming but we kill them, but by Western Poland we are mostly out of steam and Germany is STILL brinigng more units from Germany and France as we advance, while our troops are produced more slowly and have to cross half a continent...

      ... I take Berlin... and that's as far as I go. A counter attack chases me from Berlin, and Germany kicks one inactive player from his coalition and takes Xianjiang in his (using the fact that well, our coalition was full so how were we going to do - and I had told XJ I was not happy with his performance). So now I have to use the little I produce to defend my core, while Germany is coming with more and more things. Long story short, the Germans pushed me back to my core, decided fighting a bunch of commandos and AA in the mountains was a waste of time & ressources and anniliated China "over me", then only focused on me. The game was over before the German flag was flown on Lhassa, but the Germans had breached the mountains and were rolling panzers in the Tibetan plateau at that point.

      Ah and in my Let's Play in the signature, there is one HUGE come back from Australia that I describe as an external player :)

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    • I was Italy in a 1939 Historical map. France attacked me about 15 days in with naval support from its ally Canada. I had planned with my allies the USSR and Germany to attack France when this happened but my allies went inactive ;( .

      The moment the war broke out France who outnumbered me by at least 3:1 seized all of north Italy as my navy was tied down fighting Canada. Fortunately, my mechanized forces seized a defenseless Africa which would be key later.

      As the more numerous French forces stormed Italy I faced the choice of evacuation or fighting to the death. I decided to evacuate and reorganize myself :/ . As I still had some commandoes trapped in the Alps I decided that they were going to die anyway so I sent them on a suicide mission to seize Paris. Somehow, my commandos reached Paris with 5 hp left. They slowly started taking back france.

      As France finished seizing my core provinces he launched several naval invasions of Africa which I now fully controlled. As most of you will know, Libya has vast oil reserves in 1939 historical and this provided me with a strong economy as I had previously fully developed these provinces. The French forces and Canadian slowly perished as my naval bombers were able to take them out on the open sea. Canada eventually sued for peace while France moved to the defensive.

      As mentioned above my forces in Paris were growing and slowly eating France from the inside. Eventually, France went inactive when I reached Marseille and that pretty much left the road to Italy open.

      Canada was wise enough to change teams and asked me to join his coalition. We ended up winning together. It was probably my all time favorite win as I had gone from a somewhat major nation to a collection of African colonies with some militia and naval bombers back to being a nuclear superpower. :D 8o :thumbup:
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    • So I was playing as New Zealand in a 100 player world war map and I had made a coalition with Siberia and Japan (this is Siberia's comeback not mine). By day 20 I had took over all Australia and Indonesia, Japan was battling with the Chinese countries, and Siberia conquered both Yakutians, both Urals, and was heading into Europe. But in Europe, Germany, France and Italy had made alliance and they had taken almost all of Europe and North Africa. So Siberia starts attacking Germany, and he was winning until France and Italy start sending reinforcements. Then by day 30, the Europeans had captured central and south Russia and were heading for Siberia's cores. But by that time Japan was does conquering China and had plenty of fresh units waiting, including a few nukes. So Siberia and Japan start re-capturing the Russian lands, and then Japan nukes Berlin, and Germany got demolished. The game ended on day 46, when Ontario was accepted into our coalition, and by that time Germany was out and France and Italy only had a few cores left. I was too far away to provide quick and adequate help, but I did send espionage and naval units and ended up damaging several buildings. I probably won't see a game like that again, but at least I was on the right side of the reverse card. :)
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    • This isnt a comeback, but in a game that is still on im Germany. I conquered the East, USSR and France, allied Japan and Italy. basically USA attacked and rn i only have the cacauses left in whihc i got commandos and am STILL fighting...
      In the middle of USA attck UK attacked me, so i sent my damaged force in Norway to hit him...
      Rn i have the whole of UK!
      But he is taking it back
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    • For me it was in a historic world war match. I was UK, and at the start of the game, Germany, France, and Italy, who were all in a coalition, declared war on me. I had a large navy, and I managed to destroy their fleet, but my navy was weaker in the north and Germany managed to land a ton of units in Scotland. I got my planes to try and bomb them when out of the blue, South Africa and China attacked me. I persuaded China to accept peace after he took all of Southeast Asia. Most of my units in Africa were fighting France and Italy, and so South Africa took a lot of land and pushed me until they reached Nairobi. At this time I thought I was going to lose. But then, it was almost day change, and I had a rogue unit that managed to take Pretoria. Without a capitol, a bunch of rebellions happened and I got a lot of his units. I used these units to tear him apart from the inside. Meanwhile, I managed to destroy most of Germany's troops in Scotland, and I used my navy to bomb coastal cities. Italy was the worst affected by this, as almost all his cities were on the coast. Soon, he went inactive, and I sent some troops from the Middle East to take his empty territory (cause I had destroyed everything inside). Then, I used my planes to bomb France, and I attacked from both the English Channel and Italy, taking him quickly. He had invaded Spain and left most of his units there, so his land didn't have many troops. Germany, however, was still very strong, so I had to repair the forts on the Maginot line and build new ones in Italy to stop him from advancing. He tried numerous times to land in the UK, but my navy was too strong. I sent a ton of sabatoge spies into Germany, and I destroyed his economy. The Soviet Union then helped me attack him from the east, and I kept bombing him until he had almost no troops left. Then, I invaded and the USSR and I occupied Germany. I had also taken all French, Italian, and South Africa, and I went on to win a solo victory!
    • For me it was a 100p map
      I was west yakutia and I was attacked by both Siberia and the country to the east of me (East Yakutia-I dunt remember)
      I was doing very well with siberia before East Yakutia decided to attack me for fun
      I lost all my cores, and my only army left was the one fighting Siberia
      And then

      Kamchatka (the ai) attacked him
      This happened very early in the game and he did not have barely any defenses in that front
      Kamchatka came all the way to where his units were attacking
      I left to Siberian front because my ally said that he is going to take care of him and I and Kamchatka destroyed east Yakutia. Just as I thought the war was over and I can start rebuilding

      Mongolia, my ally went afk and decided to fight me
      If you have been following global chat you know my history with afk ai
    • In a historical world war match I was playing as the Soviet Union. Germany decided he would launch operation barberossa. He had defeated many opponents in Europe, by most of Europe was his. His forces destroyed many of my units and my capital had already fallen. However, by the time he had reached the Ural mountains his luck had ran out. Unknowst to him I had withdrawn many of my units. He had only destroyed a small percentage of my army. Plus I had an entire army arriving from Asia. I decided that my only hope would be to defeat him in one battle. I launched a large part of my forces to destroy his units occupying Starov. I easily destroyed it because my troops out numbered his. He was forced to diverge a significant portion of his forces to attack me. Meanwhile, I used the remainder of his forces to conquer back territory. While, the other part of my army engaged his forces. I had 46 units in the battle he had 50. I knew that he had far more troops on the way. However, my ally USA launched an amphibious invasion in France forcing him to diverge more forces to the western front. His 50 unit stack had mostly heavy tanks and medium tanks. I managed to produce an army of 17 level 3 artillery to destroy his forces. I was able to gain the upper hand and I was able to recapture my territory. I pushed into Poland quickly, while the USA pushed into France. He was still able to maintain a decent defense. Sweden a previously neutral country also decided to join in the fun by capturing Berlin. His forces were completely crippled and I ended up winning the game.
    • hmmm... this isn't exactly a comeback, since I started the game this way, but let's say it was rather a nice moment for me. So, it was all countries all in, and I had gotten UK (I know, lucky me!) Anyway, there was the usual bickering in the newspaper, I'm going to kill you and you're dead and who's my ally and a bunch of trash talking, but they eventually decided to kill Nepal since he was the last person to join the game. (this was quite a while ago, so some updates may not apply) Anyway, I felt bad, and allied with him. So basically, by defending Nepal, I became public enemy #2. I was barely holding onto colonies, and almost every active player shared maps to kill us or formed temporary truces, they were already at the point of claiming territories twelve minutes into the game. Lucky for Nepal, and unlucky to the world, he was a major spender :P and managed to conjure around 80 tanks and somewhat the same amount of infantry. He seemed very experienced, since half of India fell on day 1, including their capital. Good for him, but I'm like fighting with almost every European power XD. Germany had sent navy and subs around my coast, France was bombarding London, Italy had taken strait of Gibraltar and was taking out my colonies, France was taking Africa, and for some unknown reason, Argentina launched a bit of a stunt on one of my Asian colonies. I managed to hold on to most of my mainland and some of Asia and Africa, I don't think anyone was going for the islands. I figured I was screwed, so I just pulled up a bunch of battleships, since I thought I had more than enough destroyers. Surprisingly, I took out the entire German and french fleet since they had gone inactive after attacking my lands lmao. They must have been quite surprised. German subs were also sitting ducks, the destroyers took them out, and I managed to take Brittany, Normandy, Pays de la Loire, and I was bombarding Aquitaine. Not a bad holding for day 2. I went off (obviously, I'm human) and found out my army on France was mostly gone. I'm like ?( and then realized he was shooting flying bombs at me, I'm like :cursing: since I barely bothered with air force. Thankfully, his navy was kinda missing, so I just pulled more troops over and pulled into Paris. At this point, to some relief, USSR asked for peace with me (virtually all active nations had either embargoed or declared war on me) and accepted, so I borrowed a bunch of stuff and started shooting rockets at Germany, and managed to destroy his harbor and industries (the ones that were existing at the start of the game, anyway). Germany, France, and Italy went inactive at this, and since I had now peaced with US and USSR, I took over Argentina, allied with the two, and finished Europe off. What about poor Nepal? He went inactive, so I went through all this stress for nothing. :wallbash stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid me.

      (hopefully the fun of seeing me getting bullied makes you amused and makes up for the extremely long writing)
      Morale: Don't ever help a "poor nation" by war.

      The only time France wants us to go to war is when the German Army is sitting in Paris sipping coffee.

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