suggestions to help beginners with the economy

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    • suggestions to help beginners with the economy

      Economy (other posts on the basics, military and diplomacy)

      This game is all about getting bigger faster than your enemies.Even if you are not as good a player as your enemy, if you are bigger you can just overwhelm them with numbers. Your economy produces the resources that allow you to make your units BUT those resources are also needed for your city building. You core territory gives 100% resources whereas conquered land only gives 25% so concentrate on building up you core territory first before worrying too much about repairing/building in conquered land.

      In my start cities I immediately building level 1 infrastructure that gives a quick resource boost plus unlocks artillery and tanks that allow you to expand quickly. After level 1 infrastructure I change and build up to level 5 Industrial Complexes in my core cities because these not only further increase resource production but also increase the speed at which units build so that you start getting bigger faster (if you are going to build medium tanks instead of planes then you will need to build level 2 infrastructure in your cities reasonably early instead of maxing up the Industrial Complexes first). To get the resources to keep pace with your increased speed of unit building, you will also need to develop the resources in your countryside. It is super expensive to try and build that initial Industrial complex so instead, increase the countryside resources by building levels 1-2-3 infrastructure. Early on Goods and Steel tend to be the limiting resources so concentrate on improving these first and then its generally Food, Rare materials and Oil in that order. Note that whilst seaside countries are more open to invasion, this also gives an economic advantage because building Naval Ports burns a little bit of oil but increases whatever the province resources is by a greater amount. If you have lots of food resources the building level 1 barracks in at least some of your unit producing cities (even if you dont want to make infantry) also gives an additional boost to unit production speed. Note that building higher level barracks do not give further production speed increases – higher barracks give more manpower that is not usually needed unless you are building lots of infantry and they also some new unit types that might be of value depending on your play style.

      Use the Marketplace as another advantage to get bigger faster. On joining a map, I buy up all the cheap Steel to about $10 straight away, before everyone runs short on about day 4 and then starts to buy it and push the price up past $20 until it eventually drops again later in the game.Food becomes more and more expensive as the game progresses as new players who built infantry realise their mistake and start to run out of food.Therefore I usually build up my countryside Food next because its price quickly rises to about $20 so my excess can be converted (via the market) into much more of whatever I need with Steel or Goods generally stabilising about $10-12 and Oil often remaining cheap at the $5 mark.If you pick a start country with 2 (or a double) Rare Materials province(s) then this is enough to fund all your future research without needing to improve these provinces and that is a big advantage. Countries with at least 2 Rares and 3-4 Foods make strong economies that can support big high-tech armies.

      A big high-tech army is a good basis to go on and win. hope these notes help