suggestions to help beginners with diplomacy

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    • suggestions to help beginners with diplomacy

      Diplomacy. (other posts on the basics, military and economy)
      Game is all about getting as big as you can as fast as you can but It is hard to expand at the beginning because everyone starts with mainly infantry that is weak in the attack. Therefore use diplomacy to team up with some nearby experienced players and work together take over some weak players for an early boost to getting bigger faster. What really helps with diplomacy is that player experience and combat record are visible to everyone.Try not to team up with a direct neighbour because this crimps your future expansion possibilities. I like to find an experienced players 2 countries away and then invite them to join me on a sandwich attack on a weak player between us to get that first victory (even though infantry is weak in the attack the pair of you will have twice as much infantry). If you cannot find a friend for this early expansion strategy then attack some who is already attacking someone else, or being attacked by someone else so your first battle is not a costly one versus one battle.

      The above strategy also shows why it is important to preserve your good player record that everyone can see because people are likely want to ally good players and to attack poor players. If you are going to get beaten by a bigger better player coming your way, then quit the game and 48 hours later the AI takes over so that all the destruction will be against the AI and wont detract from your stats onto your stats. Some players also take on the challenge of trying to fight heavy gold users who sometimes buy lots of units to win but again, against such an opponent i just pull my units out of the way and start another game so that my combat record doesnt take a big hit.

      During my early expansion I tend not to formalise my diplomacy into a formal coalition so that we can sandwich unsuspecting players in between us by surprise. Once I have physically joined up with my chosen coalition buddies, I then formalise the Coalition because this lets you use the ‘Coalition’ chat tab that cannot be spy intercepted and provides a secure place for your now established coalition to discuss its strategy against any other emerging coalitions on the map.

      Spying in another diplomacy effort worth exploiting. If you put a Military Sabotage spy into a completely empty enemy province the only mission it can achieve is to reveal the enemy armies and this is a fantastic advantage. Its difficult to find good information on how effective spying and counter spying is.I think just having some counter spies anywhere in your country helps reduce people trying to steal your map even if it doesn’t mean they wont catch then enemy spies because to do that I think your counter spy needs to be in the same province? (comments from others with knowledge on this would be appreciated).

      Another diplomacy advantage for this game is the ability to join a long term Alliance teams for future maps. Joining an Alliance means that rather than scrabbling around at the start of every map trying to find some experienced trustworthy players close to you who wont quit or back-stab, you can get a few of you Alliance buddies to all join in together and this a great step towards getting a win. Also note that some Alliances teams join a map do NOT flag themselves as a coalition and will instead initially try to join into the local coalitions around each of themselves and then act as moles/spies and give away their erstwhile coalition partner positions to their true long-term Alliance buddies who then attack these players for easy wins. Make sure you check the Alliance affiliation of players to see if there is more than one of them in your game BEFORE accepting anyone into your coalition.

      hope this notes help.