How to win the Cold Snap map.

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    • How to win the Cold Snap map.

      Cold snap is a great event, and you get a huge reward for winning! Here is a way to win quickly:

      1. Once you have joined the game, immediately send EVERYONE a RoW or share map deal. This will help you later on.
      2. Check in on your game again in 30 min, when all the countries have been taken. Try to get RoW or share map with the new joiners.
      3. Use 2 of your cities to build air fields and 3 to build infastructure. Research armoured car and interceptor. Once research and armoured car and interceptor is complete, research light tank and tactical bomber.
      4. Build infrastructure in all oil provinces.
      5. In a few hours, about 50% of the people you sent RoW to will have accepted. DO NOT attack any playable country. Instead, go for the resource points. Go through the land of the countries that you got RoW with and conquer as many resource points as you can.
      6. Continue building industries to higher level in your cities and make light tanks, interceptors, and tactical bombers. Also research these 3 units to high levels when you can.
      7. Once you get many resource points, you will be RICH!!! Resource points give you A LOT of resources and money even with only 25%.
      8. Build more industries in your core provinces using the so many resources that you now have until you have over 15 industries around there. Continue making light tank and planes. Prepare to attack some playable nations now (preferably AI). You can backstab some weak countries that you have share map with or take an AI. Try to get 3 playable countries by day 10. Now, most of the world is probably inactive and probably the 3 provinces with 1 point each have already been taken by a country that has gone inactive. You should also research SP artillery at this time.
      9. Send most of your army to attack the points and take them! Once you get the points, many players will gang up on you. Now is the time to use your planes to protect the points. Move half of your army to the points and use the other half to protect your core provinces and resource points.
      10. Now, use your planes!!! Most players do not ever build or rarely build AA, so you can patrol your planes around the victory points to try and prevent enemy troops from getting in. Continue producing as many units as you can, and now is a good time to spam artillery. move the artillery (escorted by tanks) to the places where your planes are patrolling. Now if AA comes, they will be destroyed by art. and if tanks come, they will be wrecked by planes.
      11. Do this for 4 days and claim your gold!