Army Bar Update

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    • freezy wrote:

      Nn gg wrote:

      hey @freezy there is a bug on the new army bar thing.
      Every time you press split unit then either “move” or “Attack” it divides your troops but when u click the point of the map it doesn’t move. Apparently to bypass the annoying thing you have to press “move” or “Attack” at the “split” page and then when u return to the Map u have to click “move” or “Attack” again. Quite frustrating having to do that when you have a big army...
      Hmm I can't reproduce this, neither on desktop nor on mobile. When I click on an army, click on split, then select parts of the units, then click on move (in the popup) and then click on a location on the map, it moves there without having to click on move another time.Does anyone else have this problem? Can you perhaps give a list with reproduction steps?
      sorry for the late reply, I was offline from forum for the past few days.
      I had a stack of 1 anti air and 1 infantry(the starting stacks). When I wanted to move the infantry away but leave the AA behind, I had to click “move” again after clicking “move” at the split command panel. However apparently the bug disappeared the next day. Weird.