Tips and Tricks--General--How To Interfere A Country's Strength

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    • Tips and Tricks--General--How To Interfere A Country's Strength

      Alright guys, let's talk about how to possibly have an idea about how strong your opponents are.
      What does it mean by a player is "strong"? Typical clues that indicate a nation is strong:
      1.The player has a lot of "active" industrial complexes(1.0) or owns a large number of cities(1.5).
      2.The player has a strong economy system.
      3.The player has a strong army.
      4.The player him/herself is skilled.

      Well, then, how could we know how strong our enemies are?
      1.By Active ICs, I mean the ICs that could really produce troops. To distinguish the unusable ICs from the useful ones, we can look for the following indications.
      *IF an IC has no "companion" buildings with it, e.g. Infrastructure, Naval Base, it is unlikely to be ACTIVE.
      *If no new companion buildings is built along with the IC after a few days upon capturement, unusable! Why? Think about this question: Would you ever bother to build a nuclear reactor along with a damaged lvl.1 IC?
      *The more ACTIVE ICs your enemies have, the stronger they are.

      2.In order to have a strong economy system, a player would both need to have a high production rate and know how to spend precious resources appropriately. An economically winning player would be the one who exists in the front of the wealthiest nation list and the biggest economy list every time, so check the newspaper daily.

      3.Don't forget that morale also matters a lot! Especially on the bigger maps, if one manages to have an overall morale of 78-85%, despite his fast expansion, you know that his people is happy to give him the resources they are required to produce and, awfully wise. Also, the player will also have average to high levels of popularity.
      4.The most INTERESTINGpoint I'm gonna bring about is that POPULARITY also matters. With low popularity means more embargoes you will receive from the relatively,"dumb" AIs. If your popularity is, really awfully low, then you should start worrying about the AIs nearby turning against you and and stealing your land at midgame. Not to mention that AIs tend to sell their resources at a fairly low price. Low popularity means a higher chance of successful rebellions and lower chances for rebeled provinces to join you.
      5.The higher k/d ratio one has, the higher province c./l. ratio one has and the more elite troops one has, the stronger one is.
      6.The more nuclear reactor one has the stronger one are.

      That leaves one ultimate question in this game--how to deal with the individuals that are really skilled?

      I AM BACK.
    • Hmmm... How to deal with skilled players? I have an idea.

      Early Game: Gang up and overrun him. Don't let him stack armies.

      Mid game: Tank rush with Air. Effective and devastating. (Gang up and overrun)

      Late Game: See his stacks? Nuke em!
      "The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting."

      - Sun Tzu

      "Diplomacy works with leverage!"

      -Krieg Maker

      "We can wage an attrition war forever with no goal, if one is found otherwise!"

      -Krieg Maker

      "The difference between flirting and diplomacy is that the former requires flattery, the latter requires assurance. Be sure to be in the position of power when trying to win through diplomacy!"

      -Krieg Maker