Guide To Railrodguns

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    • Guide To Railrodguns

      Railroadguns are a secret branch unit implemented by Bytro for a specific use: Long-range bombarding. The unit has the longest attack range of all land and naval units ever existed in the game. However this comes at a cost of having the slowest travel speed of all units in the whole game. If used correctly, these majestic guns are deadly to enemies. But if used inappropriately, the guns are deadly to you.

      Build Requirements, Research & Costs:
      • Lv.1 Industrial Complex
      • Lv.3 Infrastructure (V1.0)
      • Lv.1 Secret Lab (V1.5)
      • Lv.1 Railroadgun


      Strength and Range:
      Railroadguns have only one level.It has an attack range of 170 km.

      Attacking & Defending With Railroadguns: Different from most people think, the railroadgun is actually a very versatile unit. Its long range and fair damage makes it a key element in breakthrough attacks and strategic defense.
      • Attack Small Units-If you don't have the capability to mass produce railroadguns, only attack units that can certainly be defeated or those needed to be stopped.
      • Attack In Large Stacks-Railroadguns only have "fair" damage, so attacking with them in large stacks can increase the effectiveness of the strikes.
      • Attack With Company-NEVER EVER leave these big guns alone! Railroadguns are vulenerable to air strikes and blitzes. Always let heavy tanks/ATs, AAs and infantry tag along with the guns. This will increase the survivability of the guns. If needed, the company troops can buy time for the guns to escape from the scene.
      • Defend Critical Industrial Centres/Provinces-Especially in Dominion, Operation Supremacy** and Cold Snap map, the guns could have an amazing effect bin protecting your control points. Always build forts or bunkers in provinces that needed to be defended by railroadguns. Reason explained above.
      • Defend Coastlines-Since railroadguns can deal 2/0.5 damage to ships/subs, they are indeed, good coastal batteries. As units need time to disembark from a transport vessel, put approximately 1/4 of the garrison to lock the invading unit in place, then buy time for the guns to carry out more strikes. Make Naval Bombers patrol the waters near the guns to provide early warning to you and the garrison.#
      Defending Against Railroadguns:The advantage of railroadguns is its LONG RANGE, to defend it we have to make its long range "useless".
      • Counter-Attack With Motorized Units: Motorized units could get near the gun pretty quickly, if the gun is singled out, attack it without hesitation.
      • Airborne Units: Tac.Bombers, Attack Bombers are all good counters of railroadguns, if AAs appear, use rockets.
      • Battleships: Although battleships have shorter attack range than railroadguns, the have more hit points and faster speed than railroadguns, railroadguns also deal less damage to naval vessels. In conclusion, battleships are advantageous compared to coastal, unprotected railroadguns.
      • Railroadguns V.S. Railroadguns: Bombard enemy guns with your guns and add other units in the group as damage absorbers.
      If You Have High Command......:
      • For Attacking Railroadguns:Set them to "Offensive" mode. The guns will automatically bombard approaching enemy units and weaken them.
      • For Defending Railroadguns: Set them to "Aggressive" mode if they can't bombard nearby neutral province centres directly. If not, set them to ’Offensive" mode. The guns will automatically attack all hostile units in your land.
      If you have any comments or advices, feel free to post below and sincerely hope that the post is helpful.
      **: What a great map. Bring it back bytro!!!!!
      #:Subs can also do the job of early warning well, especially if you have a picket line made of subs.
    • For RR battles, you should mention using decoy :
      - Approach a low value stack with no RR guns (typically infantry, or militia if you run them ; even better but it is an exceptional configuration that never happened to me get a ship in range) - enemy RR will target it and waste its shot
      - Approach your own RR gun and shoot, then pull back
      - Repeat :)

      It works with artillery vs artillery of course