Battleships versus railroad guns

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    • Battleships versus railroad guns

      Here is another departure from reality. Railroad guns are portrayed as having 406mm guns and a range of 150 (no units of measure). Realistic. Battleships have 406mm naval gun (equivalent to 16" guns found on multiple classes of US battleships. So, why does a battleship 406mm gun only have a range of 80? A railroad gun can pommel a battleship from almost twice as far away as a battleship can engage a railroad gun.

      Yes, this a game, but some acknowledgement of the laws of physics must be made. If the railroad gun is in the mountains next to the ocean, and has a slightly greater range, then great.

      Worse, a level 4 self-propelled artillery has a range of 80 (at best a 203mm gun) against a level 4 Battleship (Kronshtadt class) which would have 380mm guns, but only has a range of 70. ????

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    • freezy wrote:

      Those values are from the CoW1.0 version. We already made it a bit more realistic in CoW1.5, where a battleship outranges artillery and SP artillery and the gap to the railroad gun isnt as high.
      Freezy, I hope you understand that in 1.5, railroad guns are completely out of control. Properly deployed, multiple railroad gun stacks paired with the right support units are unbeatable all things being equal.

      -You need to make them even slower. They are fast enough now they a player can essentially use them exactly the same as artillery.

      -you need to slightly decrease the range (they shouldn't be able to get off 4 shots before a charging tank can reach them).

      -They have too many hit points. In a properly balanced stack, they are the last unit to die almost always. As a special artillery unit, they should be first.
    • Torspo2 wrote:

      RR guns are quite expensive and slow though. But yeah they're pretty strong. Maybe decrease optimal stack size from 3 to 2 or 1.

      If the game had railroads.. :huh:
      Lol, there are probably railroads on major provinces but not all though. Yes, and one thing that is annoying about ranged unit is that if it reaches a certain point where it almost reaches an enemy unit nearby and has to take a detour to attack it. :)
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    • RR guns were almost unheard of in real wars because they were so hard to deploy.
      Setting them up took days.
      You couldn't just unhitch them from the back of a truck and load a shell.
      There was serious assembly required.
      And they could only move on certain kinds of RR tracks.
      In the game this should translate to restricting RR guns to tiles with level 2 or 3 infra.
      Using RR guns on unimproved coastal tiles in conquered provinces makes no sense.
      Might as well allow the player to deploy a submarine on land.