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  • The Warning System


    we finally introduced an automated warning system for fórum moderation. The system is point based and cotains the following warnings:

    Warning TypePointsExpiry
    Avatar Violation114 days
    Signature Violation114 days
    Double Post114 days
    Offensive Language230 days
    Heavy Offense5NEVER

    How does the system work?

    Every time a warning is given, the user that has been warned, receives the amount of points indicated above. The points are stored internally in the database.

    If no further offense occurs and the points received expire, they will eventually do so at the end of their expiry time. Hence the user will be a clean one again. However, if a new warning is receive, the timer will reset and the new points will be added to the old points.

    Depending on the points accumulated, the system will apply automatic bans as followed:

    Ban TypePointsExpiry
    1 Week Ban57 days
    2 Week Ban814 days
    4 Week Ban930 days
    Permanent Ban10Never

     
    How does this work?

    Once a user has received warnings whose points qualify for a ban on the list above, the user will automatically receive this ban. The ban received depends on the points. A User with three points already receiving another 5 points would automatically receive a two week ban!

    If the bans are temporary they will expire automatically after the given time. Whether or not the warning points expire depends on the warning given so watch out, to prevent any further bans.

    Additional Options

    Fórum Staff is also apply to apply other - individual - warnings and bans, with their own points and expiry set, when deemed necessary.

    In addition forum staff can delete and block signatures and user avatars in order to moderate the fórums.

    While we do not expect that it will be necessary to make use of this system, we felt it would be fair and only correct to let you know about these changes.
    Saludos Cordiales, / Liebe Grüße, / Sincerely,

    -= BenjB =-