improve the game !!!!

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    • improve the game !!!!

      okay i am here with some ideas ,give me likes so the game listens for us , i talked to several players and they said you are right :
      1- comeback of units trade , it was in call of war before and we had fun , trading units must be bcz all the countries in the world do this , but it must be banned on infantry tech .
      2-improvements of provinces trade ,we players make deals all the time in historical 1939 map , if UK wants to sell burma for india by the game way it will take idk 35 days ? well all the people declare war then give resources and peace but why can't the game put a give option to another country you pick on give the province you chose and give it to the someone you want .
      3-comeback of peace with AI and right of way , in the past if you attacked a AI you could give him right of way for 2 days and he will give peace and it was so useful for example i want half of USA not all , and if you gave right of way to a AI he will give ROW too , it must comeback .
      4-AI attacks so annoying , our mission you say is to take 51% of the world , how would i take it if all the AI'S attacks me after i take 3 nations ? how ? this is killing the game , AI must stop attacking humans or other AI's once and for all .
      5-new players , as admin of official non private game why can't i bring new players ? i asked a moderator he said it's not working , it must comeback and not just be before 7 days .
      6-real revolutions , we always see revolutions in real world but not like call of war ones , i mean did you ever see a city rebelling and entering under someone's control ? no when revolutions comes it must be strong big and independent for example , if japan had hunger and no oil there must be a real revolution and 10 or 15 provinces with militia rebels sometimes more than one and when it happens it must came out in new games so a player can rule the rebels .
      7-cold war map ,there must be cold war map , north korea south korea , vitenam everything in one big world map of cold war , just like endgame players can't get out of the coalition north korea and USSR and communist china and all the socialist or close to russia together and allies of USA in one coalition with nukes and everything , there must be UN power sided with USA too and voting in it
      another cold war with no conditions no coalitions already made each one have his own liberty of choosing allies and enemies
      8-ww2 real war world map , just like endgame a coalition that you can't get out from , (allies , commies ,axis )
      and each one has the same powers resources and armies of ww2 historical 1939 map
      9-real effect of nukes , if i bombed all UK's cities something must happen they can't still resist there is no goverment i mean , i mean if all the country is nuked you can't complete your life after 2 days just like nothing happened for example production or construction in the province or city can't be before 5 days
      10-we need faster maps
      11-ability of having puppet states a country can surrender and stay alive and fight under your flag but when takes a land it becomes for you and you take 50 % of his resources war on you war on him when you fall he is free .
      12-stop border gore by using a peace conference after a multi invasion , border gore is killing the game .
      waiting comments and improvements fro COW .

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    • WT auf.Pz IV wrote:

      There is a entire article on fixing the anti cheat as well,linked here.

      Edit:the mods/devs probably won’t implement fixes that will improve the quality of the game,it’s too bad they don’t care about improving based on the players,only what they want to.
      The devs do care but it depends whether it is good. At least mods know how to link properly. ;)
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    • 6767avfff wrote:

      idk ryan , i was playing the game from 3 years and all what i saw is a little improvement of graphics ,( and stopping AI of accepting peace ,stopping trade of weapons , letting AI ruin all the games )and i see these things as bad things and not good things .
      The new graphics are confusing with 3 people infantry. Like seriously?
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    • 6767avfff wrote:

      i agree .do it and i think you are a kind of one of the most important players your voice will be heard , i'm in from now .
      Haha,I am popular yes but I lost that because I have to leave for 3 whole months.
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    • The reason 1, 2, and 5 all have it been implemented is for the same reason: cheating. All of these could be used by multi accounters to cheat, which is exactly the reason that unit trading was removed. Number 4 was a bug fix that in turn caused some AI changes (there have been a few other posts about this in which someone explains.) Number 10 comes down to the fact that the servers just can’t handle the load of faster maps. A few months back during the 5 year anniversary event, a Bytro employee explained it in greater detail. Number 8, the Cold War map, probably won’t be implemented, as this is a WWII game. But you can always suggest a new game to Bytro :)

      Thanks for taking the time to come up with suggestions!

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    • well about the 1 ,2 and 5
      i didn't get it if there was someone that has 2 accounts in 1 game he can already use the units of his 2 countries , why will he trade his units to himself ? it won't change anything , same for provinces trade the can already evacuate one of his countries from units or make them attack another nation while he takes the country with no losses so it's the same .
      since it won't change anything in game cheating let the players that don't cheat enjoy .
      about 5 , i am saying that as we all know that all the games will not have more than 10% of players in day 10 , let us bring new players to reactivate it bcz it's not working , how could that be used in cheating ?

      about the cold war map , where can i say this to bytro ? plus i don't think they will actually do it , but why will they make a new game ? the weapons are almost the same they can just make a new map you know .and this game is not actually about ww2 , the clash of nations map , the world at war map , only bliztgerg and historical 1939 are about ww2 .
    • All suggestions here are reviewed by the developers, not all suggestions will be implemented.

      Changes during the past few years all have reasons based on such factors as multi account cheating or player retention.

      A list of your desires is not a very strong approach. If you can logically explain the benefits to players and to bytro your post will take longer to consider and may cause some discussion. With that being said many of these suggestions have been discussed previously.
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