AI Trade Embargo and War Declaration

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    • Hello @Jabberwocki

      Thank you for your report. We are looking into the issue at the moment. Could you send me a game ID of your where you experienced this.. and if you happen to have a game ID where you didn't experience this, that would alos help us.

      In case your username is different in the game than here in the forum, I would need that as well.
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    • Where I have had lots of AI declaring is game 3387740 (my reputation is only 3% which is low but I have had lower than this in other recent games without this wholesale AI effect - possibly the game system has been "fixed" and this is "normal" behaviour but it does seem that there has been a change in the last day or so).
      Also game 3366621 where my reputation is 13%

      Archived game 333521 where my reputation is 11% and I have no trade embargoes at all.
      Also archived game 3310153 where reputation is 7% with no embargoes

      CoW ID is the same.
    • Update: This ramping up of AI declarations was actually a bugfix. Sometimes Ais stopped declaring wars on some players but not on others, which made situations somewhat unfair. So we fixed this and then all AIs cought up with their war declarations on those players that got lucky. This resulted in some more wars declared at once after the update.

      We figured though that players dont like it if the whole AI world declares war on them, so we released another fix today that limits the war declarations of AIs to lower numbers, going forward (wars declared previously remain in effect).
    • Well, yeah, this has made all my 1.0 games practically unplayable. I've got 3, and 2 of them are just about hopeless. Also, the problem is not going away. More AI countries keep declaring war. Additionally, there is a reputation problem. The more countries that declare war on you, the lower your reputation gets. Seemingly endless chain of events. Considering finding a different hobby.
    • freezy wrote:

      As I said above we already reduced the amount of war declarations AIs can do as a response. We might make more tweaks in the coming update.
      Yes you probably did and I am not judging that fact but I am judging the quality of the reduced amount. :( None of my games are playable I lost 158 units with 72 provinces. Guess what, 8 countries at war 2 countries embargo and I got rid of 2 countries. :(
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