New changes testable on beta: 2020-09-10

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  • New changes testable on beta: 2020-09-10

    The following changes are testable in CoW1.5 beta game rounds created after this post (2020-09-10). They are scheduled to be released to live in ~2 weeks from now.


    Made buildings of non-allied players hidden in fog of war:
    • Hidden buildings appear with question mark icon in the province bar.
    • Hidden buildings will be revealed temporarily as long as the province center is within sight of a unit (inner view range circle).
    • Once a province center is in sight it can take 1-3min until the buildings are revealed due to technical constraints.
    • Hidden buildings can also be revealed within the espionage menu using spies, in which they remain visible until the next day change.
    • Constructed or destroyed buildings won’t appear in the automated newspaper reports anymore to not give away such information to everyone without scouting.
    -> This change makes scouting more important and prevents build strategies from being visible by everyone on the map. Now it will remain a secret what strategy a players follows until he is properly scouted.