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    • When Grounded at an Airbase, awaiting Launch, would a "Defending" Rocket count as a ground or air unit?

      If Kellie had given Gina the chance to answer the question, she might've been pleasantly surprised by the answer. A few months before her college graduation, Gina had attended a party at one of the Fraternities with her roommate, Emily, a redheaded farm girl from the Midwest. As the night progressed, and more alcohol was consumed, Karl Weiler, one of the more obnoxious Frat brothers, began, as he often did at these parties, trying to convince some of the female guests to put on a little kissing demonstration with each other. Most of them laughed in his face, and the two that didn't traded kisses so chaste that they might as well have been between maiden aunts.

      Although he should've known better, he even approached Gina and Emily, the former having a well-known reputation for suffering fools badly. To his surprise, Gina responded to the suggestion in a quite positive manner -- at least initially.

      But then said, "Of course, I think that it's only fair that you and one of the other brothers first put on a demonstration of your own, just so there's no misunderstanding about what you're looking for. After all, I wouldn't want you to be disappointed."

      "We can't do that," Karl quickly replied, shocked at even the suggestion.

      "Why not?" Gina asked, her voice calm and sincere.

      "Because ... because ...," Karl stammered, but found himself unable to articulate a good reason why.

      "Well, when you find a good reason, let me know," Gina smiled.

      With that, Gina had simply taken Emily by the arm and walked away, quite pleased with herself at having put the matter to rest, or so she thought.

      "Have you ever seen anything so funny as Karl trying to explain why it was okay for two girls to kiss, but not two guys?" Gina asked Emily later when they were back in their dorm. "His face got so red that I thought he was going to stroke out."
      "Actually," Emily replied, her voice almost too low to hear, "I thought it might've been interesting."

      "What?" Gina said, not sure she had heard her correctly. "Do you mean watching two guys kiss?"

      "No, kissing another girl," Emily clarified, her voice now a little louder.

      "Really?" Gina replied, neither possibility being one she expected from the small-town girl.

      Then again, it wasn't like the redhead was a virgin or anything like that, and sexual curiosity was hardly limited to big cities. In fact, even if she had never made any attempt to explore it herself, Gina had to admit that there had been times when she had wondered about kissing another girl.

      "What the hell, why not?" she told Emily, thinking that the privacy of their dorm was a far cry from doing it at a Frat party. "After all, it's just a kiss."

      Soft, that was the first word that came to mind as Gina felt Emily's lips press against her own. Warm and wet quickly followed as she felt the older girl's tongue slide past her lips, quickly reaching out with her own to meet it. The kiss seemed to last a long time, but in reality, only a few seconds actually passed. It was, however, followed by a second one, and then a third, so it was understandable that looking back, it might have been hard to later judge its length.

      In fact, time itself soon lost its meaning as they began to actively make out, and when Gina felt Emily's hand come to rest against her breast, she made no objection. In fact, she encouraged her to go even further by cupping one of the redhead's, squeezing it softly. It wasn't until she felt her roommate's other hand slip under her skirt and brush against her panties that she began to worry that perhaps they were going a bit too far and suggested that maybe they should call it a night.

      The next morning, Gina regretted having lost her nerve and tried to talk to Emily about it. But the now sober farm girl no longer seemed interested in pursuing the matter, even suggesting that they just forget it ever happened. School was over a few weeks later and she never saw Emily again.

      The brief memory abruptly faded as again, feeling no resistance from the young woman in her arms, Kellie slipped her hand past the waistband of Gina's pajamas, brushing her fingers slowly against the folds of her sex.

      "Ohhhh," Gina moaned softly, the press of Kellie's hand again her naked sex electrifying.

      "How does that feel?" Kellie asked as she continued.
      "It feels good," Gina replied, her eyes closed as she concentrated on the small concentric circles of delight radiating outward.

      "Do you want me to stop?" Kellie asked, her index finger pressing further into Gina as she stroked the sensitive walls within.

      "Absolutely not," Gina gasped as she surrendered herself to Kellie's touch.

      Kellie kissed Gina on her neck, working her way back up to her mouth where they again shared a deep intimacy. At the same time, she used her other hand to undo the center buttons of the light blue top, slipping it inside, there to first caress, then cup her breast.

      "Ooooh," Gina gasped as she felt the tips of Kellie's fingers brush against her erect nipple.

      "Keep going?" Kellie asked, even as she used both hands to exert more pressure.

      "Yes, oh yes," Gina pleaded, her voice almost a whimper.

      "Are you sure?" Kellie asked.

      "Yes," Gina replied, this time her voice loud and strong.

      Adding a second finger to the one already inside Gina, Kellie began to slide both in and out of her pussy with increasing speed. At the same time, her thumb came to rest on her clitoris, adding to the pleasing waves of delight. This went on for a few minutes until Kellie abruptly removed her hand.

      "Why don't we move to the bedroom where we can be more comfortable?" Kellie suggested, a beckoning smile on her face.

      Gina's answer came in the form of their deepest kiss yet.


      They shared a few more soft kisses as Kellie led Gina into the small bedroom, guiding her onto the twin sized bed. Under other circumstances, Gina might've thought the mattress far too small for two grown women, but right now it seemed the perfect size. Kellie climbed on beside her, their bodies tightly pressed together. They shared additional kisses as the older woman closed the palms of her hands against Gina's breasts, squeezing them softly.

      Eager to reciprocate, Gina responded in turn, a thrill rushing through her as she felt the warmth of Kellie's skin through the thin material. Sliding her hands downward, Kellie cupped the cheeks of Gina's ass, then slipped up under the bottom folds of her pajama top, grazing the underside of the brunette's breasts before again taking hold of them completely.

      "That feels so nice," Gina purred, contrasting the softness of her hands to the rough feel of the men who had been there before.

      Capturing Gina's pert nipples between the sides of her fingers, Kellie massaged them to hardness, even as she again pressed their lips together. More long minutes passed as they pressed their bodies together and the fires of passion slowly built inside them.

      Sliding her hands from under Gina's top, Kellie turned her attention to the buttons that ran down its length, starting at the bottom and working her way upward. It took no time at all to reach the last one that Gina had left closed, allowing her to slowly spread the blouse open, revealing the perfectly rounded mounds beneath it.

      "You have such beautiful breasts," Kellie said with admiration as she took in their naked fullness, her hands sliding up along Gina's stomach until they caressed the underside of her mounds.

      She pressed her head down into the valley between Gina's breasts, kissing the soft flesh as she lifted her hands to the sides of each mound, pressing them against her cheeks.

      From there, she moved her mouth to the epicenter of Gina's left breast, closing her lips around the exposed nipple, pulling it into her mouth. The younger woman moaned loudly as she felt the wetness against her skin and further responded by pressing her softness against the darker haired woman's face.

      Kellie teased the supple flesh with her lips and tongue, filling Gina with even greater excitement. After again initially trying to compare how the woman before her was making her feel as opposed to how a man might, Gina put aside any such thought. It wasn't a matter of better, but different. The core of what she was feeling rested in the fact that they were sensations that Kellie herself was familiar with in a way that a man never could be.

      "I'm guessing you're enjoying this," Kellie said with a broad grin as she let Gina's nipple slip out of her mouth.

      "So much," Gina replied, even as, not waiting for the answer, Kellie shifted her attention to her other breast.

      After spending a respectable amount of time there, Kellie began to go back and forth between the two, driving Gina into a small frenzy. She felt like she was in heaven, not realizing that real paradise was yet to come.

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