Auto Assuming Anti Cheat

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    • Auto Assuming Anti Cheat

      The anti cheat it trying to get me banned on multiple different servers just because I was playing with my friend that sometimes comes over and starts using the same wifi.Please staff of CoW,change they way your anti cheat system works.I got warning #1 on multiple servers and for 1 “violation” I got banned in a cw1.5 server in which I was winning in.Unban me and please give consideration into my advice. :!: Edit:Games in which was given warning: #3406011,#3406615,#3409424,#3380614 (fully banned for 1 “violation” game”),#3404257. IGN:WT auf.Pz. IV

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    • How about I make a article about how to NOT get cheaters and innocent sibling/friends users mixed up and how to fix the a-c considering I myself,as your gonna assume something,but honestly,I do NOT want this broken anti “cheat” get more people in the crossfire.Link is here .

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    • Fight Against Multi Account Usage

      Jul 29th 2016+8
      Greetings Generals,

      Some of you may have made reports on players you believe to be using more than one account, for this we thank you and are investigating each complaint.

      I would like to take this time to thank all of you who report this form of cheating and please continue to do so and we assure you that your EN Support Team are investigating all reports and will take the appropriate action when required.

      For anyone confused about this form of cheating and unfair sportsmanship I would like to remind you that according to the Terms of Service (which you agreed to when starting your Call of War account):

      4.3 Each Participant may register for and use one Account only. Registering for and using multiple accounts is strictly prohibited (so-called “multi-accounts”). Breach of this clause may lead to the immediate exclusion of the participant from the game.

      And I encourage you to make a support ticket if you suspect this form of cheating or to let us know if you are using these other accounts (add name of all accounts), as if you are found cheating in games you will be removed and other action taken against your Call of War account and you could risk losing your account without notice.

      Call of War also uses a anti cheat system. This feature is in place to prevent one person joining the same game multiple with multiple accounts, thereby creating an unfair advantage. In order to maintain a fair game environment, the map settings cannot be change once a map has been started, and once the trigger has been set it cannot be reversed.
      If anti cheat is turned off multiple accounts may play in that round, and if you suspect this then please report the player you suspect so a Call of War Game Operator can investigate for you.

      The Terms of Service can be found in its entirety on the home page at the bottom listed as "Terms" or you can use the following link:

      Your EN Call of War Support team
      Dr. Leipreachán
      Community Support
    • Call of war isn’t as fun without friends ngl,I honestly thought about buying high command but due to the lackluster quality of the a-c banning innocents just bc of same wifi I didn’t buy it,which is why I want the game to improve via a article already linked in a earlier post.