Rebellions in 1.5

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    • Rebellions in 1.5

      Rebellions in game version 1.5 are either broken or very poorly designed. I believe the rebellion mechanic itself is fine, as it is realistic to need to leave garrisons in conquered territory and sometimes conquered areas become unruly if left unattended. However, nearly always these provinces are rebelling to nations that have nothing to do with that province, never have owned it, sometimes are not even close to it.

      For example:

      Here a province that rebelled and went to my ally, who is very far away and I don't even share a border. Nor has he ever been to that part of the map.

      Here are provinces rebelling and going to another player with whom I share a border but who has never owned said provinces. Now I have unattackable provinces in the middle of my territory.

      This can't be working as intended.
    • I have another criticism of Rebellions in v1.5. Namely, the strong effect of distance from capitol, and the way this further skews the game against players unfortunate enough to be in the Americas. These countries were always at a certain disadvantage, but now it is nearly impossible for them to win unless they team up with players in the Eastern Hemisphere. The reason for this is that there are not enough points available in the Americas to win a map, so they need to expand very far from their capitols, and these new lands will be plagued by low morale the entire game. I know capitols can be moved, but this comes at a cost, in various forms. In contrast, a player in the Eastern Hemisphere can win the map without ever venturing across the ocean.