Anti Cheat?How to fix it.

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    • Anti Cheat?How to fix it.

      :protest: If you want to know why this article is made,click here .I would like to help ban more cheaters then ban innocent siblings/friends like I have to go try at support team/make a forum post,etc. :!: :unfair: Step #1.Remove how it automatically assumes just because your in the same round with a person with the same wifi,you get your 1st warning.That should rather not be a sign of giving a warning/ban from this server but rather your anti cheat should GATHER it so later on in the laters steps it is one of the pieces of giving a warning.Since the anti cheat doesn’t assume how will they banned now?You may say,but these next few steps should help give so GENERAL guidelines to how I personally think it should be.

      Step #2.Another piece to give way to be a actual cheat is if they are ally’s,but don’t give them a warning just yet,it is one of the pieces to gather for the anti cheat to then give them the warning.

      Step #3.A big piece is if they are trading with each other,but I have to say this over and over again,do not warn/ban them yet,however if they do 3+(maybe could be 2+)trades over a short period of time,then that proves then guilty,along with the evidence of Steps #1 and #2.

      Step #3.1.If the two accounts go to war,take that into consideration,as it can prove they are not and am cheating.This step will show how they can be proven as a cheater.If there is nearly/there is NO retaliation by 1 of the countries,that proves them as a cheater.This next step proveshow they can be innocent.As you have got this far,you obviously(should)know that any steps that are #3 or over have to consider the first two steps,Now onto Step #4.

      Step #4.To be proven innocent,well it’s quiet simple,A.If they get on at nearly the same time,most cheaters don’t do that considering that would force the use of both hands,although that is only a piece.B.If steps #3 or #3.1 don’t happen.(Or even if step #2 doesn’t happen)

      I hope this can help give some general guidelines to how the anti cheat in Call of War can be redone,fixing many problems,the biggest one that many people get in the crossfire as the anti cheat currently only assumes with no true evidence.Remember,these are general guidelines and they can be slightly modified if this actually gets into the game. :trust_me:
    • There is actually a thin line between multi accounting and playing with an irl close friend. Because you coordinate attacks IRL like you are the same person when looking from the other side. That is why Bytro is so worried about multi accounting compared to other games which doesn't matter how many accounts you have.

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