Firefox freezes when selecting plane groups

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    • Firefox freezes when selecting plane groups

      For the last couple of months I have been labouring with a real horrible problem with Firefox and Call of War 1.0
      I am using old style graphics because I find the "enhanced mode" lacks clarity so:
      Often when I select a large group of planes, Firefox will just freeze - wait 5 minutes and nothing
      When I can select a large group (in this case 35 Ints and 34 Tacs) which I want to split into SBDE groups of 5+5 I can split off maybe one or 2 sets and assign their patrol point then Firefox freezes.
      I restart Firefox and the game, do another split and the game freezes
      Repeat until I have split them all off, having to restart Firefox 4 or 5 times.
      I have monitored memory usage. When the game starts Firefox uses about 650Mb. When I select the group of planes this rises to 850 Mb immediately. During the split process, I have seen memory peak at about 1750 Mb - to me this seems grossly excessive and is a relatively recent problem
      Looking for a fix as soon as possible guys!
      game number is 3387740 and my user ID is the same as here on the forum
      Note this happens on multiple games not just this one where I have close to 1100 units total
      Update: came online today, started Firefox and loaded the game, clicked on one group of 5 planes and moved its patrol area and Firefox froze - seems very random when this freeze happens

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    • Hello,

      This is a known problem, and the devs are aware of it. I use the exact same setup. firefox, old graphics, and 1.0. I get the same problem in less severity anytime plane groups are ordered to do anything. I find that the game will completely freeze up very rarely. Most of the time if i select another unit, the plane will go ahead and finish its animation. this may take up to a full minute when there are a lot of planes in use.

      Its annoying, for sure. especially when the planes disappear at one zoom setting and the enemy units turn invisible at another zoom level.

      I recommend being patient and letting the plane animation catch up to "real time". even tho your plane is frozen there at the patrol tick for a long time, 99 percent of the time it will go ahead and finish. I dont refresh unless it just goes too long, because I know that the next time i split or order a stack of planes it will do the same thing. *Note the upper left hand corner of the screen when this happens. most of the time you will see a little phantom plane sitting there, trying to do what the "stuck" plane stack is doing.

      Hope this helps.