Merge Stack HP

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    • Merge Stack HP

      hi, i noticed recently in one of my game when i merge a stack of 7 healthy tanks with a stack of 2 damaged tanks, they turn into a single stack without affecting the 7 healthy tank's HP. (show in unit panel as 7 full hp tank and 2 damaged tank as if they were different type of units). I tried that again in my current game with 8 healthy tank and 3 damaged tanks, but they just turn into a stack of 11 damaged light tanks.

      How to merge units without affecting healthy units?
    • yes, 1.5. light tanks of the same level, i produced them, same doctrine, the only different were their HP. I always knew when healthy units merge with identical damaged units, the healthy units become damaged as well. I was surprise in that game the damaged tanks didnt affect the healthy ones, tried to produce the same result to no avail in current game.