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    • Suggestions

      1.Now with maps being converted to 1.5.The starting troops in Hww was unbalanced and if it is still the same in 1.5.It would be very unbalanced.I think comimtern nations troops numbers should be increased and axis should decreased, small changes could be made to allies side.For example Germanys troop counts must decreased to 70 ussrs should be increased to 110-115.

      2 Giving manpower another use:We should be able change the time of building using our manpower.It will be a great advantage.Lets say Turkey has 20k spare manpower and Iran has 10k now Turkey will build things faster.If we calculate it
      1 infrastructure is 20000 brick a worker takes 10 seconds to place 1 brick.Turkey will do it in 10 seconds but Iran will build it in twenty seconds
      (I know It is not the real what infra has only 20k bricks.I did it to show how would it look)

      3.Homeland bonus should be increased.I do not have much to say but even tourists with guns that wandered around for one day would have better Defense bonus.