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    • Naval Key: (You'll need this)
      BB = Battleship
      CA = Heavy Cruiser
      CL = Light Cruiser
      DD = Destroyer

      As I was playing a game and I was looking at cruisers I had a thought.
      Why not divide the cruisers into two categories:
      CLs or Light Cruisers
      CAs or Heavy Cruisers

      Now for the pros and cons I thought up:

      Starting with CLs:
      In the real world the Light Cruisers were used as screening ships to protect the other bigger more expensive ships but they also were good Destroyer hunters.
      So my thought was that Light Cruisers should be able to destroy a destroyer but not without taking a moderate amount of damage so that 3 destroyers with be able to take one down and that the Light Cruisers should have some Anti Submarine weapons but not as much as the Destroyers so they don't become entirely redundant. They should also maintain the AA of the current cruisers. In use against Ground targets the Light Cruiser should have the damage be somewhere between the current Cruiser damage value and the destroyer value since some of the lighter CLs had Destroyer caliber main guns.

      Now onto the CAs:
      Heavy Cruisers were often the flagships of smaller battle groups where carriers and Battleships weren't present and in several cases like the infamous pocket battleships they were often equipped with small battleship caliber main guns.
      So for the Heavy Cruiser My thought was to have it be able to beat Light Cruisers however not be as effective with AA as the Light Cruisers however a few Heavy Cruisers would be able to really ruin a lone BBs day. In use against Ground targets the Heavy Cruiser could be worked two different ways does less damage than the BBs but attack ground targets more often or do more damage than BBs since they would be more accurate than the BBs.

      With these units it divides the cruisers in two and means the player can focus on either building Light Cruisers to fight in Air superiority or Heavy Cruisers as lighter capitol units and coastal bombardment units which means they can build CLs to support their submarine fleet or heavy cruisers to save their DD escorts to help defend their convoys and capitol ships or for coastal bombardments.

      All of these are my ideas and could be tinkered or changed for balance but this is jut my rough thoughts.

      Thank's for reading :D
    • I think the naval aspect of the game is quite naive at the moment. That is because cruisers can be faster than what it is and much more powerful because there are many types of it so having a LC and HC is very important.

      So I believe that Light Cruisers are "heavier" than destroyers but they are great against destroyers because they are slightly heavier and not really slow. They should have the same range as destroyers but heavier attack values. Anti Air values 1/1.

      Heavy Cruisers have greater range (2 times) compared to light cruiser. They have 3/5 speed of light cruiser and attack value is 7/5 compared to light cruiser. AA Values can vary because its obviously "heavy" they could have 6/5 AA values compared to LC.

      Destroyers are are 4/3 speed of Light Cruisers. Anti Air Values are 3/4 of Light Cruiser.

      Battleships have 4 times range as Destroyers/LC. Speed is half of LC. AA Value are same as HC
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    • In the "real world", cruisers are an arbitrary designation that suggests something in between a destroyer and a battleship, but the conventions varied across decades and across navies. One country's cruiser would be another's battleship.

      CoW decided that a cruiser is a naval AA platform. That's completely unrealistic, but it's good for game play. Cruisers can also damage ships and surface targets, in a way that's somewhere between a destroyer and a battleship. That's good enough.

      I think it would be a mistake to introduce more varieties of cruiser-sized ships.

      What might be more interesting is something smaller and cheaper than a destroyer. Patrol boats were used to good effect in coastal areas. They should have decent attack, terrible defense, great speed, and be the militia of the navy in terms of research and build costs. That kind of unit might add an interesting twist to the game. Right now, everyone is using subs to patrol their coast, and that's plain silly. Subs should stay in deep water. Patrol boats should rule the coastline.